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We Get Mail! "More games!!"
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first birthday

* Lots of kids have written to ask if we will make more games for Math Cats. We were very happy with Jeri's reply to our explanation:
February 2, 2005

hi math cats i think your site is cool but.... do you think you could put in more games and mabey some quizzes too like how well do you know about cats stuff like that ty

Jeri M.
Dayton, Ohio

Hi Jeri, a lot of kids ask me for more games. The thing is, I want Math Cats to be mostly about exploring math in creative ways. Games are not creative. You have to follow someone else's rules to play a game. Games can be fun, but I want kids to see that math is fun even without games. I'm afraid if I put too many games on the site then a lot of kids will never explore the other parts of Math Cats. Plus there are lots of other math sites with math games, but there are not so many sites with open-ended math explorations. I am trying to do things on Math Cats that other sites aren't already doing. But I do like your idea about a cat-related quiz. I will think about that and maybe someday I will post a math-cat quiz game.

Prime Cat of Math Cats

February 2, 2005

hi math cats i think your site is better when its not full of games i went to other sites and they are more games then math so keep doing what you do best. sending math to kids in cat style

Jeri M.
Dayton, Ohio

* We love getting mail. On these pages you'll find many hundreds of messages we've enjoyed from this year and past years. Here are a few messages that we liked so much that they could almost be called our "favorites" ... but every friendly message is very special to us!

Cat That knows math,

There was a Cat, that wasn’t good at math (Im not good etheir) At Computer Class.
He asked "is this a Math site we are Viewing?!" You are right Said His Teacher,
Oh! That Might help me with my Math!
Yep The teacher replied, so He Played it! He Got better, when he went home he went on it too!

Mathcats is wonderfull for Anyone who Has Trouble with math, Im not the Greatest at It! But MathCats shows you How Fun Math Can Be!!! My Computer class Viewed I like THIS Site better!
You Guys Rock

=CatCatLover.MathMathMathCatsLover You guysRockkk!!

Best Math-Helping, Fun Website EVER!


I've have been going to this site ever sense I was like 10. Now that Im 13, I've relized that this site helped me alot. Thank you :)



Hey i love your site it is so cool my math grade has been so bad but your site helped me get my grade up and its so fun i always thouhgt math was so boring i told all my friends they love it but i really dont like cats but now i love cats and math plus+math cats GO MATH CATS!!!

houston tx


My husband and I are in our 60's, and you have taught us a lot in just a few minutes. Thank you, thank you. Keep up the great work.

Nana G.


Hello Math Cats

I am reely happy with your website. My friends and i are always on it, it has a different problem solving games and other games which makes it much more intresting. I do hope that this carrys on forever because i love it! by the way....i no you are reel cats because my mummy told me and whatever my mummy says is right! : )!!!

lots of love

September 9, 2005

This is Ninneyman and we love math cats!

I've never really liked math because it was always my worst subject. I could never go home and just study and memorize, it was (and still is!) difficult. But, on the day I was suppose to give my math presentation
(I was SO nervous everyone had already gone before me and got low grades!) I showed my whole class your website, everyone loved it! It went great with my presentation and i was the only person to get a "100"!!!! Thanks Math Cats!!!

Thank you again, Kalyn!

January 21, 2005

Dear Mathcats,

I love your website! It's just heart breaking to read that I just found out about this website. Whoever created this website is awesome! If there is more than one person that created this website they're awesome also. thanks for creating such a wonderful website. Also before I say good bye, I think cats are sooooo cute. My complements to the creater or creaters. { cats rock!} I still loooooove dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dog and Cat Lover
Nashville, Tennessee

January 1, 2005

I just love your web site! I get up at 4:00 A.M. too see if you have any more scoops and cool new things. I also love cats, and get this I even addvirtize this site and I'm only 10!!! And me and my gals all love the site too, and I have like...15 of them! I wonder if I will still lovvvvve this site.
LUV YA! Yaya (Olivia)
Graf, Germany

December 26, 2004

I realy like your site! Its a great idea to create a kids site one you dont be careful where you click site! Your games are awsome and there are a ton of choices! Your the site everyone is talking about at my school! And why wouldent you be? I love cats! So do all my friends! You and yahoolagins are the ONLY site I visit! CATS ROCK!

Brownsburg in the U.S.

December 4, 2004

Thank you math cats for saving my life, in class. I don't like school. In our class we got a grant. We bought lots of stuff. My favorite thing is the Labtops. We have 18 of them. This is how you saved my life. We worked on mathcats the whole hour of math class. It was so much fun. My teacher loves it so much that we have did it 2 times. Thank you for making mathcats. I love mathcats. It is a great thing to do on a rainy day. The best thing about is you learn new things. Thank You!!!

Lake Charles, Louisiana

April 24, 2004

Hello kit cats!

I love your site. It's just the best!
I go on it every day and I have played all the games.
I think it's great because I learn lots of new things. My mum thinks it is great too because she likes me looking up educational sites!
This is the best site ever it is sooo cool!
I used to find maths o.k but now i love it!
Please write back to me! o hope this will be your favourite email!
the mathcat lover:

April 18, 2004

Yo Cats,

I LOVE this site. It's just totally awesome. I go here everyday to encourage myself on math. I have tried like everything here for 1 billion times and I know that these kitty-cats rock the world. I told my friends to go on here and they love it so much. I don't know if I can live without this site. Please don't take this site away. Even my parents say that this site rocks. I just love this kitty-cat site and this I swear. Please write back to me and I hope that this is your favorite message cause everyone said so. I LOVE MATHCATS.COM! I might even make a book about this. Thanks for all your teaching to me! Love ya kitty-cats!

Megan Y.
Derwood, Maryland

March 10, 2004

Heya KittyKats!

This has gotta' be the most AMAZING site i have ever vistited. It's well good! I've had a go at making all the activity things! And it made it well easy! I go on this site everyday because it makes me smile and evrything!! when im older im gona breed cats and they are gonna look just like the ones on this site!!

please dont ever quit math cats because its the best and i love it to bits!!!!!!

its definately gotta be my most favourite site by far. I mean, Math is so boring, but now, i quite enjoy it. I've told all my friends about your site and they said they like it as well!!

please write back to me!! Hope this becomes your favourite email ever! All my friends think it should!!


love u all very much


You truly have inspired me =)

p.s - my mum and dad think its a good site as well!!!

June 2, 2003


Dear Math Cats,

I love your site. It is so cool! I like the way it teaches math. It shows kids that learning math isn't always boring; it can be fun, too!

At school, I could just barely handle the hour of math we had. I mean, sure I liked math and my math teacher, but doing a whole bunch of worksheets every day for an hour is not my idea of fun. Here, the way you teach math, I can handle hours and hours of math!

Another great thing about your site is the theme. Many kids are into cats. Cats are playful, loving, cute, and very colorful (In your case). All in all, cats are a great way to teach math.

I bet a lot of kids come on this site every day. You and your fellow kitties did a great job of making this a fun site for kids!

Plus, not only do you have math, you also have some art, letter writing, etc. Kids can come to this site and play the day away while they are learning their math facts, too! This site is approved by most parents as a good learning and having fun site.

All in all, you and your fellow math cats have done a great job of working on this site. Keep up the good work, my math kitties!!

A kid who loves your site more than popsicles :),

Addie M.

(Math Cats quietly began to take shape in cyberspace beginning with the magic chalkboard on July 13, 2000. Members of the LogoForum mailing list were invited to visit Math Cats in a posting on September 22, 2000, beginning an ever-widening ripple of positive feedback. A member of the LogoForum passed the URL to a home-schooling parent (Marji), who passed it to two home-schooling lists. Math Cats was listed at Yahooligans beginning September 29, 2000 and began to be discovered by other search engines on October 22nd. Many visitors began to arrive through links from other sites and through postings by fans of Math Cats to chatboards and mailing lists. Thanks to all of you who appreciate Math Cats!)

You might enjoy reading some current or early Math Cats mail on the next pages.

first birthday

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