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Math Cats' first birthday

I love your website. I teach an accelerated math class in 2nd grade so I'm always looking for new ideas and websites to use with my class. I can't wait to show them your site.
Keep up the good work.

Also I love cats. I have 4 of my own so your site is purrfect!!!!!

Gina L.


Dear Cats,

What's up! My name is Katie. Today my teacher gave us 3 different web sites. My first one to type was yours. When I got on I was amazed. I love your web site!!! It is so cool!!!

Thanks, Katie


I tried this site and its perfect. Thanks!

Sasha H.


Thanks for your great site and Newsletter. We are just commencing our school year here in Australia. I have Year 8 and Year 10 Maths classes. I am hoping to use your site for at least one of those classes as an enrichment activity...

Lorraine M.


Access Magazine: America's Guide to the Internet: Reviews / In Print / Math Help


aaaa [highest rating]

Math Cats injects some fun into kids' math studies with puzzles, interactive projects, contests and printable activities that offer entertaining ways to explore a sometimes intimidating subject. You'll need to download the free Micro- Worlds plug-in for the projects, which cover everything from using money to multiplication. Before downloading, you can see descriptions and screenshots of the programs. A "magic" chalkboard poses math-related questions that will likely stump even the most math-proficient parents.

Bottom line: Learning math is fun at this highly interactive site.

reviewed by Roxanne Mushrall


My name Is Hannah what do you like to do? I like to read and draw and paint and play on your website. I think you are the best website. Hay can you order me some red boots.






Hi my name is Danielle. I live in New, My birth date is 6/ 11/ 91 I love your website its great!!!!



i love your web site math cats and so does my sis and you could put mathcats math lesons and a new leson every week thanks for making the web site bye


What a terrific program you've started. I've really enjoyed reading and exploring it today. I have a wonderful 6 year old son who, thankfully did not take after me in the math department, is remarkable when it comes to math and spatial problem solving skills. I will show him this web site this evening and plan on integrating it into our learning together. Again, thank you.



Dear Wendy Petti,

First of all, I must say that I really liked your website!

Since your site is non-commercial and educational we do grant you permission for usage of M.C. Escher images as 'tessellation puzzles'...

Best wishes,
copyright department


Hi there!

I stumbled onto your attic page and thought it was marvelous!!! I am a teacher (full time high school and part time college) in California and have made a page which asks some of the questions from your page. I provided a link for the students to go to your site to get the answers...

Jan D.


Hi. I am JOSE J. and I love math I which I can do a lot of things so you guys can show me how to do a lot of stuff ...Thanks one's agan ... thanks and see you

Wendy, I've found your site via the Logo Forum. Stunning. Truly Me-WOW.

I'm a teacher in the UK and am always on the lookout for sites which I or pupils can use. Your site is out of this world. The school to which I have just moved doesn't yet have much in the way of Logo or Internet access for pupils - but in the past I have made a LOT of use of the equally wonderful (and free) MSWLogo. I'm attaching a .jpg file of 3 turtles which I drew as exemplars for my pupils. They may be of interest to anyone who wants to use Logo to create their own turtles. I'll keep revisiting your site to watch it grow - and to grab ideas.

Alan S.,

Dear Math cats

I love your website

I have had trouble in math for a long time but since I found this website I havent had trouble in math it is a really good website


Dear mathcats,

I love your webpage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think that your website is the best!!!!!!!!!!! I owe it all to my math teacher Ms. Caya. She is going to put the address up on the board tomorrow for anyone who wants to have it for at home like me...

Big Mouth

You have a great web site. Keep up the terrific work.


I loved your tesselations and am going to explore the things you sent in newsletter -- you have a terrific site and I hope you continue to keep up the great work. I am so glad I found your site and newsletter subscription. God bless!


You are a super person!

I just visited Tile Island and I cannot WAIT until I get 3 student machines in my room so that I can have a computer center! Math Cats is their first stop!!!

Thank you for all the hard work that you do. It is greatly appreciated.


Sara T.
Middle School Math Head
American Community School
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Dear Mathcats,

I think this website is really cool. I wasn't that good at Math until now. I first got hooked by the cat following the mouse.

Big Mouth Cox

I love your site I wish I helped in making it.

Samantha S.

this is the most interesting thing i have seen all most thank you for providing this for me


I am a true math cat! Raaaaaaarr!!!!!!!!!!!! I love math. Math is just so beautiful you know? Isn't math cool? I get picked on a lot at school by others who do not appreciate math like I do. But you understand don't you? Please e-mail me back because math is my only friend.

Me ( Sorry but my mommy said I can't give strangers my name)


... I am a teacher, just learning "logo" on my own (actually, it's for a graduate course) and I love this site! I'm going to try to design a multiplication grid or some type of puzzle using positive and negative integers.

Thanks for your help!

Ginger B.

good job for a computer cat!!!!!!

Nicole K.

My name is Sarah B. and I love your website I'm going to tell my friends all about it. My teacher already knows about it and she thinks it's very clever. Good job! Very educational!


Wow exellent site sent it to many friends hope they like it as much as I did. So educational about everything Extremely Math which I really do not understand!

Jillian S.

we need to convert centimeters and you don't have it on your charts.

james g, age 11

- - - - -

(answer from Prime Cat:

Check "How much is it???" now! Since you wanted centimeters, I added them!)

hi i love math and i'm on div in 3 minets.


I like your math site it's really fun!


Hey I love Math Cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Mathcats wazz up? Not much here just chilling. Well Im just going to tell you why I like Math Cats; beacuasc when Im bored I just get on my computer and have nothing to do; so one day when I wazz cheecking my mail at Yahoo I went to the bottom and typed in math and it showed lots of weebs but I love cats so I said what the heack I will go here and sure enough I saw cats and played the games but the games are verry easey to me becuase Im in 7th grade but they cool!!!!! Well I wazz wondering well I do that alot well when ya get this letter can ya write me back? Well I better be going !!!!!!!! Later

bye bye bye bye bye bye bye


i think this web site is so cool becase you con play games and do cool stuff i think this web site gets two thumbs up

*always Kyla E*

Kudos! Your webpage is wonderful.

I discovered your site while searching during an Internet class. I loved your graphics and all the excellent activities that it has to offer. I hope more of our teachers and students take advantage of this fabulous site... I will continue to let our teachers know about the teacher area. Keep up the great work!


Hello, Mathcats!

I'm new to your site, and I'd like to know if you could introduce infinity to me. I'm looking forward to it. I think your site is great! GREAT! I beg you to bring up some fractals, like the Mandelbrot Set (whatever that is)!

Your best pal,

[Prime Cat replied that we'll try to add those projects soon.]

Your site is fabulous! ! I love it and the kids love it!! My class is collaborating on a MicroWorlds project to send to your site. Hopefully we'll finish it in a month. Please keep up the great work!!

Cindy B.

Great Job!
It is really fun!
I love it!!!!!
Keep up the great Work!!!!!!!

Ken C.

I love kittys. E-mail me every time you update this site or add more features to it.

I like this website.


I like all the stuf you have on this Website


Hi I just was playing some games and yours are the best. I know I am going to get an AAAAA+ in math.

Ashley L. C.

Subject: Your web site, Math Cats, is an ENC Digital Dozen


I am pleased to let you know that your site has been chosen to be included in this month's Digital Dozen, a list of exemplary web sites for educators. The web sites are selected by the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse (ENC), and the list is published each month at ENC's web site. You can see it at

ENC is funded by the United States Department of Education and administered by The Ohio State University. ENC collects both physical and virtual resources useful to math and science educators. As part of our mission to serve educators across the nation, each month we choose a dozen sites to highlight. The sites we select must have current and accurate math and/or science content. They must support school improvement efforts and have useful multimedia features or helpful navigation. ENC provides a brief review of the sites chosen and a direct link to the sites. As a result of receiving greater exposure on our web page, you may notice higher traffic to your site than usual.

Many of the people connecting to your site may find our site useful as well. We hope that you will consider linking to our site from yours. You will find an attached file (ddicon.gif) with this email. You may use this image to show that you have been featured and recommended by ENC. Keep up the good work!

Pam B.


Hi. I really like your website. At first, I dreaded math, but now I can remember some more multiplication tables! I love this website! is on my favorites list!


Congratulations on all of your recognition and awards. You have a great site.

Carol G.


I did poke around your site and in love. I am creating a site for an after school program for middle-grade students and was looking for links. I think my goals are much like yours, to create open-ended questions, to stir multiply intelligences and to make math fun. If more games were added for students in grades 6, 7 and 8, then that would be too good to be true. If I can have permission to link to your site, that would be great.



I just discovered your wonderful site. I am presently sharing it with my gifted fifth graders and other teachers at our school. All of us who adore cats are especially thrilled. It is very attractive and inviting! Thank you and keep up the good work. I don't know how you have the time. I have two young kids, husband, and work. I have NO time!! It is wonderful to discover such a resource!

Emmy Z. - Miami, Fla.


Dear Mathcats,

Your computer math games are the best on the internet. I like the attic the best because you can quiz yourself and find out neat answers. I really like the name of your website because I like cats. I know someone that would really like your website.

Sally B.


I need to know if there are designed patterns for string art? Thanks

Lori M.


[After receiving this request, Math Cats added String Art to the Explore section on the same day!]



I think your website is wonderful. I will suggest this to my students. I am a high school mathematics teacher who has written a book on math anxiety. My book is entitled Math Attack: How to Reduce Math Anxiety in the Classroom, at Work and in Everyday Personal Use. Boredom is one area I do discuss in my book. Math must be made fun... I wish you much continued success.

Marilyn C.


hello dear mathmaticians.....
i am very surprised by this site..
i like it very much.....
i am interested in u site because of it's design and because it contains math ... i am a math teacher and i like the programs in u site.....I am from Oman... and working in the university...

Talal A.


I just got the chance to visit your site--got tired of cleaning the room and took a break! You've done a wonderful job and I know I'll be using this site next fall.

Lori J.



I'm adding your Mathcats page to the 6th ed of my book, which will be out in Oct 2001 if all goes well. Only the top sites make it into this book as I am very picky! I don't know if you do awards or not, but you get the "Net-mom Approved" slice o' pie...


best, JP

Jean Armour Polly
Author, The Internet Kids & Family Yellow Pages


Folding Decahedron Pattern

My son had a book report to do in 5th Grade tonight. He was supposed to write ten facts from the book (an information book about computers), and create some object that had something to do with the book. I thought that a decahedron would be just the thing to be his object and to write the ten facts on. I was so pleased to find your site right away with exactly the thing that I needed: instructions for a folding form. Thank you for providing this information. It was easy to use and fun to make and will be just the thing for a book report on computers, since we got the information off the internet. Thanks again.

Jean and Alex C.


loveing it!

Dear Mathcats,

I love your website the "cats" are so, so, so cute! (even though I'm a dog lover!) Please send me back a reply to my mail. Thanks!

Rachel E.


I love your website! It is very interesting and filled with great ideas for teachers as well as students. Keep up your good work!

Mary Jo


Congratulations from the land down under!

I found your site via and the combination of maths and cats was too good to resist. Your site has to be the best site for children who dislike maths but willingly participate and learn along the way. My 9 year old daughter is thrilled with this site after some of the "in your face" boring and regimented sites we have come across and I like the fact that it is universally adaptable so our little "Aussies" here in Sydney can have the same fun as their American counterparts. Keep up the wonderful work and I will spread the news about your site. G'day and thanks!!

Sonia M.


Hey mathcats!

I just love your website! Its so cool to visit and learn more about math. Even better, its all about cats!! Hope you like my picture I drew of my cat, Riley!

Emily R.


Hello I loved your site. I am asking permission to put the url to it in my passworded early childhood gifted online classroom to save my kids typing it in. Would that be OK? Thanks

Wendy F.
Tasmania, Australia


Subject: Once again your web site - Math Cats - is an ENC Digital Dozen


I am pleased to let you know that your site has been chosen to be included in this month's Digital Dozen, a list of exemplary web sites for educators. The web sites are selected by the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse (ENC), and the list is published each month at ENC's web site. You can see it at


Pam B.

. 7/13/01

Math Cats received some lovely messages in honor of Math Cats' first birthday:


Our 10 and 11-year old love your site. I also recommended it as a "must see and do" in my Interactive Math Web Sites that I did for the parents and teachers of the Catholic school our kids attend.

Our cats are named Squirts and Spazo so I appreciate the name of your cat, Fatso.

Thanks for providing a tremendous learning experience.



You must be so awestruck by the response your site is getting! I know that the people I have recommended it to are quite impressed, and my third grader to-be thinks it is the best...

Melody S.


Dear Wendy, Happy First Birthday to Math Cats. I am new to the computer and internet, teaching myself at 52 with the help of my son, who has difficulty with his maths. So I've found this site very interesting and so has my son.



Dear Wendy: What a great feeling it must be to be where you are now! Having created a wonderful page that teachers, students and parents can use, and also having the recognition that you so justly deserve. I discovered your Web site late last year and was truly delighted, so were my students. I presently teach at a school in Miami and have elementary age gifted students...

Thank you so much, and keep up the good work.



Dear Wendy,

Enjoyed your Math Cats News. Didn't know that today was the birthday of Math Cats. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY! That's Happy thirteen times since this is July 13th. Congratulations on all you have done with your site in a year and congratulations on the various honors you have received! You have done an excellent job. Many good wishes for the future of Math Cats! Love to you.

Yo Ma and Yo Pa



Happy Birthday MathCats
As on your cake you leap
You are all such cuties
Across your page you creep
When you do your math stuff
Some things can get quite deep
Cheers for your creator
And let her get some sleep!

Love, JBF


Happy Birthday, Math Cats!

I've written to you before, Wendy, and my entire school was so impressed woth the North Carolina math curriculum which we found on your site. It was in a letter, I think. We are revamping our math and we downloaded all the curriculum. Such good ideas AND they are all FREE because of you. Thanks so much!


(I was the one who corrected the height of Mt. Everest, remember? 28035).


Wendy, You're amazing! And the reviews are fabulous!!!!!!

Martha T.


Congratulations on all the progress and many happy returns on your first birthday.

Chris M.
OpenWorld Learning


my name is marissa i like mathcats because it makes you smart


What a wonderful place! I spent a long time there last night. Still have more to look at. I had so much fun in the spook house! My first graders will be able to enjoy that too. Thanks for great site!



I love your MATH CATS. And that includes YOU!



MATH CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Math Cats,

I REALY like your site. It helped me alot with math, and it has my favorite animal! CATS!


Hi this is tabitha F. I Love Your Web Site Cool


dear primecats,

your the best website i've seen
- - -
To Mathcats,

I really enjoyed you web page although you sould have more games that include times, divison, plus and take.

thank-you for your co-option
- - -
To prime cat

i love your website it is fantastic. how are you i'm fine thanks for worrying.
- - -

- from students at Patricks Road State School in Australia


I love math!!!! I like your website!!!!!!



I really like your program.
I wish you could put it on TV.
See you soon.



hey, im very proud of u and i love math too like u bye....


what a brilliant site. I can't wait to show the staff and kids at school tomorrow... I've spent an hour on it already and I still haven't tried everything. Thank you!!

From Rosie


What a wonderful site, I had so much fun playing in it! I will add it to my site and I'll be forwarding it to a few lists I'm on.



Admiration from a fan

I love your site. It's tight! I shall say a quoet for whom is reading this: it's fun fun fun fun yaaaay!!! (from Meg Ryan).

Emma Wilson


I love playing in your games because they are so fun. I especially like your make your own design with shapes game, because you can make a bear out of them. Thank you for making your games so fun!!!!!



You have the most coolest site.



To Math Cats,

I stumbled across your web page for a Math assignment for my Credential Program course. I have to submit three URL's that would be interesting for teachers and students alike. I definitely found one here at Math Cats!

Thanks, Gale


What a wonderful site! I will be back. I have a rough site for my second graders - may I put a link to you on it?



Wow your website is scandalous!!! I love it!!! I learned so much when i went on the website at school!!! I was so happy when I finally got to find out how old I was!!! That was groovy!!! Anyway about those games you guys have, they are far out!!! Well I have to go watch Barney and Friends!!! Love you all darlings!!!

Can I mention one thing??? Well i don't care if you don't know what this means but oh well my friends do so here goes nothing!!!
Corn on the cob loves Alissa!!!
Mickey Mouse loves Diana!!!
BMW loves Courtney!!


Your mathcats site is marvelous. Congratulations.

Miriam and Bob P.


I love the math cats website it is so much fun.



hi my name chelsea and i love your site on friday we had computers and we plaed this byebye

ps im 9


Hi! Math cats! I think this is a cool site! I shouldn't really be doing this, it's the middle of my IT Lesson!

(from a student in the United Kingdom)


I am a Grade 5 teacher at a school in Melbourne, Australia who loves your sight. I was wondering if it is not too much trouble to have a copy of the Pattern Blocks procedure emailed to me (Windows Version). Keep up the great work.


I went to school this morning. My teacher said here are some web sites you to try. I tryed this one ane it was great. I love it here on this web site.


Why not have a game where you have to use co-ordinates to draw cats

From Gem in the u.k
- - - - - -
Reply [after updating the site in response to message], 10/13/01:

Hi... I wanted you to be the first to know that I've added a coordinate project to Math Cats, inspired by your suggestion. It is not a game, but you print out a grid and a chart of coordinates for drawing a math cat. There are 2 types of grids and 2 cats at the moment... I'll try to add more soon.
The project is in the Explore section, called "Make Your Own Math Cat."
I hope you try the activity and let me know what you think!

Wendy P.
- - - - - -

hello it is gem here. Thanks for doing the game its really good! my friends think its really cool and so does my teacher!
- - - - - -
(a few minutes later)

Hi I am Gem. I sent in an idea for a co-ordinates game. I have just been on the website and I saw the game. Thanx! Shame you cant do the co-ordinates on the website though!

thanx again Gem.


you math cats have a cool site.


We homeschool and Math Cats is my children's favorite math site! Thank you for your clever ways of making math interesting and fun!



Thank you for sharing this fabulous site.

Kim in PA


Dear Mathcats,

I really like your sight.
I expellee like '' Tesalltionens'' .

Megan Z.


Dear MathCats,

I love your website. I just found this site and I like it already. I like all your math games on here. I think I will get on this website more offten. You know why be cause I need to learn alot about hard subtraction. But I haven't found a game on learning things about hard subtaction. I really hope you cats get a website about hard subtaction facts. I need to practic for my mad minutes or I won`t pass it. I didn`t last week.

Tyler B.


Your website is so cool! It makes learning math so easy. Before I got some bad grades like 70 and 75. I hope I get good ones. I'm going to go here alot. You have some great ideas! My name is Aaron. I am turning 9 soon. I'm in 4th grade in Florida. I'm in the gifted program mostly getting straight A's.

Aaron K.


I love your math site its very fun.



I found your site when looking for polyhedra. I'm a polyhedronist that constructs polyhedra with paper.

I bookmarked this page so I can use it with my grandson.

You or some of your homeschool people may be interested in a polyhedra program that prints out the nets for polyhedra. Here is the site:

Richard S.


Compliment and Thanks

This is Aaron again. Your other games are so cool. I tried out haunted hill and tessiltown. I love figuring out those exciting puzzles & shapes. I also sent my results from haunted hill 2 times in case you haven't gotten them. Thanks for writing me, no one has written me in a long time. I have a new game idea for the website, it's math memory. You try to match the math facts with the answers, a real cool game... Happy Halloween and season's gretings! I send my regards to you. Almost bedtime. On my latest math test I got a 95% grade and I owe it all to you. This website taught me alot about math I didn't know. Thanks again!

Aaron K.

11/5/01 [posted on the dyscalculia discussion board at]

There's a great site that explains more than one way to explain & demonstrate maths stuff. has a section for kids, but also one for adults to learn how to teach it. I really liked some of their more concrete ways.

- - - - - -
[after a reply from Math Cats]


Welcome to our site - I hope you will visit often. As you may have gathered, most people here are parents or teachers of students with predominantly visual-spatial learning styles. Numbers and formulas are meaningless.

I'm the webmaster of this site, and also our companion site, I'm hoping to build a math section of our dyslexia site soon. When I first came up with this idea, I thought it would be great to have a lot of tools and games like the ones on your site, but realized that it would take a LOT of work to create it. Now I just plan to put up a good page with links to sites like yours -- you've done such great work I could never begin to replicate it.

I was really impressed with your site. Don't be surprised if you start seeing a lot of hits coming from this direction.

Best wishes from a fellow webmaster, who fully appreciates the hours and hours of work your site must represent,

- - - - - -
WENDY: I AM SOOOOOOO IMPRESSED! I am going to recommend your site to David's teacher...I have bookmarked it and plan to go there OFTEN...just a few minutes with the bulletin board and I was hooked, have not even downloaded the plugin or tried any activities, David will LOVE them...have signed up for your newsletter and appreciate SO MUCH your efforts in sharing your passion and skill with the world. What a wonderful way to share your teaching skills!

I was a kid who struggled with math. In retrospect, this was partly because I was always a year behind my peer group chronologically (skipped a grade since I was a gifted reader and very verbally mature in 1st grade) and also partly because I never 'engaged' with math. (and perhaps a certain degree of 'dysteachia'!)

Your site not only excites me, but I'm beginning to look forward to 'doing math' over again with my son. I didn't learn to do arithmetic in my head until I had a job calculating punch cards in my early twenties...perhaps I may one day conquer functions and relations, too????

PS to ABIGAIL...make this a major link, PLEASE!


I want to tell you how much our third graders and teachers like your web page. It is useful in math exploration and the applets are fun to use.

Great work, your web page is purrrrfect!

Mary Beth Y.


Dear mathcats, I loved your site, so much and I don't like websites. It is a fun way for me to learn. My whole class went on your site. I think it should be known as the best website in the world. I will involve my friends on it.



hi! i love your site and i think it would be an excellent edition if you had sound!!



Good Morning- I am a middle school math teacher taking a computer class and creating a unit on polygons. As part of the class we had to create our own website and I would like permission to create a link from this website to yours. I have shown my students your website and they are really enjoying it! Thank you!

Mary P.
Brackettville, Tx


Hi My name is Jehan and like it the site do a new one Jehan




Hi wildcats,

Your so big and cute! Thank you for helping me in math!

Love, Neylan 4 yrs old


Hi! Thanks for the cool site. I don't like math much, but I do love cats. You make math more fun.


dear mathcats,
i LOVE your website


Hi! Math cats! I think this is a cool site! I shouldn't really be doing this, it's the middle of my IT Lesson!

from a student in the U.K.


hello how are you. you are the best


I like your web page. I have a question, how do you make art to put in the gallery??? please anser back!
- - - - - -
Reply, 11/26/01:

There are many ways to make art to put in the gallery. You can use any of these activities:

in the Explore section:
Polygon Playground
Exploding Math Art

in the MicroWorlds section:
spider web
pattern blocks
polygon maker
draw dots
Yehuda's Robe

After you create art with one of these projects, you can take a screenshot (on a PC, hit the PrtSc key. On a Mac, hold Apple-Shift-3, I think). On a PC, then you can open a program like Paint (Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Paint) and paste your picture there (CTRL-V). It doesn't matter if there is extra stuff around the picture. I can clear that away later.

Then you need to save the file and send it as an attachment to an e-mail message. You can send it to me at this address:

Then when I receive your art, I will put it in the Math Cats Art Gallery.
Please ask an adult to help you with these steps if it seems too hard!
I will look forward to seeing your math art.

Prime Cat




Do You Eat mice? Dont writ back!!


Just want to thank you for the Mathcats site. My class loves it and so does my grandson. Wonderful and unique!!

Marcia H.


Thank you for sharing your great site! Wonderful!



I just love your site. I have made a link to it from my school website, I hope this is OK.

The students are really enjoying your site.

Calgary, Canada


I think math cats is a great on aol just want you to know that you schould put some more stuuf on math cats

well got to go
from j.z. and j.c.


DearMathcats, I love your web site. My friends play mathcats a lot . I play it at my house . What is your name? My name is Mason . My sister plays mathcats. I live in Kansas


I like your web site. I like the whole cat thing. The cats are really cute. I This is a neat place to learn more about math!



Hey I love this thing this thing ROCKS!!!!!!!!! LOVELY!!!!!!!!
Well Math CATS pretty GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashika .P

Have Fun !!!!!


MY NAME IS HALEY M. I HAVE A CAT HER NAME IS Katey. I live at the same place as Mason. My age is 6.


hello i LOOOOOOOOOVE KITTY CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your site is cool!!! YEAH KITTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I LOVE YOUR SITE. IT IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COOL! WHAT DO ALL YOU OTHER GROOVY PEOPLE THINK! COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




My name is Jennifer R. I love your web site.


Really enjoyed your newsletter this time -- had so much fun going to the different sites and trying them all out. I shared them with my grandchildren also. Keep up the good work!




hi my name is amber s. I really love your site it is so fun i will go on any time i could


Always a pleasure to read your newsletter. Congratulations on your recent awards -- NCTM was certainly doing outstanding work when I was a teacher, so I would think that one would be especially gratifying.



hey wazzzzzzzzzz uppppp. i have 3 cats haha


Thank you for all your efforts on the mathcats site. I am trying the hexagon tree tomorrow with some excited, wound-up, antsy fifth graders. I had green pipe cleaners in my supplies and have stick on stars. Great holiday tree!

Thanks again for your site,

Jean P.
New Mexico


I'm just writing back to get in touch. Your new games are so cool!! Lots of people in my gifted class go on your website. See, our gifted teacher, Mrs. S. gave us a whole bunch of websites and had you on it so I tried you and here I am now.


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