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We get too much mail to post it all, though we try to respond to all friendly messages. Here is a small sampling of our 2009 mail.

I stumbled across your website in 2004 when I had a long-term substitute position teaching 5th grade. Some of the students hated Math, but absolutely loved graphing the Math Cats. When they were done, they wanted a Math Dog!

Now I am a certified Technology Teacher. This summer, I am preparing a High School graduate for her college entry Math exam. Unfortunately, she doesn't have a good foundation in Math content. Today, I will be tutoring her in graphing, and I just now recalled the Math Cats graph. I was more than delighted to find the exact same activity that I used in 2004. I am sure that my student will get a sense of accomplishment and confidence when she completes both activitities.

Thank you so much for caring about today's learners,
Mrs. Linda K.


Dear math cats,

My class has just discovered your great maths site. We have enjoyed looking at the games and a few are our favourites. We look forward to using your site with our new Smart Board which we use every Thursday afternoon.

Cheers from class 1/2 P
(Timboon P-12 School, Australia)



I love mathcats,
I know some kids WANT GAMES
But it doesn’t Teach u anything,
what u have on here,

Keep On meowing:D



Cat That knows math,

There was a Cat, that wasn’t good at math (Im not good etheir) At Computer Class.
He asked "is this a Math site we are Viewing?!" You are right Said His Teacher,
Oh! That Might help me with my Math!
Yep The teacher replied, so He Played it! He Got better, when he went home he went on it too!

Mathcats is wonderfull for Anyone who Has Trouble with math, Im not the Greatest at It! But MathCats shows you How Fun Math Can Be!!! My Computer class Viewed I like THIS Site better!
You Guys Rock

=CatCatLover.MathMathMathCatsLover You guysRockkk!!

Best Math-Helping, Fun Website EVER!



I've been using your conversion site for a long time and it's the best! Just wanted to thank you cause every time I use it I say to myself "Thank you kitties!".

A very numbers challenged person,
Tracey H.


Dear Math Cats,

I love your website and I just started. I hope you can get back to the messages for the years followed. I am your biggest fan trust me. you guys should add multiplication

Sincerely, Shekku


Dear Mathcats,

I love your site! It's fun and challenging!
I've never visited a site which expresses two of my favourite things: CATS and MATHS!

(PS: I love Tessellation Town!)


u guyz rul. i luv math cats so much that i go on it evry day! its way fun. i hope this getz on ur favs list. i woud luv that. u guyz totaly r like so asom. i luv ur site mor then candys, and im totaly in luv wit candys! i tolld al of my frends 2 go on, and i hav like 50 frends! well 50 is an egzajerashin but u get what i ment rite? this site is like my lief! i yoosed 2 think lernin math wuz borin but now i lik it! i can barlie handl math @ skool but heer its way kool! u did a grate job on it! my parints luv it to! and u dont just hav math, but u hav art and letters 2!

steve t, age 8


Great Site you guys!!!

you guys have the bestest site in the whole entire world! it's the funnest place I've ever been on! my teacher recomended it to me, so i went on! kitty cats should be princesses! i wish i was a kitty cat!

Jennifer R., portland oregon


Hi my name is Bradley. I love the games on math cats. Every one of your games.

From Bradley D.

2008 messages

main mailroom

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