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Dear Math Cats,

I love cats. Everybody calls me cat at school. I really like it. I'm trying to tell my mom to $ me one, but she won't!!! Well GTG.[ Got to go]





My mum was looking and she found this website. I am English and I am in year three which is the same as grade two and I am seven. My mummy teaches me and my sister at home. My Mummy will reply back soon.

From Rachel


I love math !!!!!!! I try to go on it every day!!!!!! Please Email me back. Anne


hi mathscats
just found your website and checked it out it's the best website i've been on you can learn alot about maths.



hi mathcats
just felt like chatting to you you've got a great internet I think everyone should go on this internet. You should make more of the magic chalk boards I think they are awsum.


My name is Kasey and I'm actually in college now to become an elementary teacher. The math course I'm in is really exciting. We are learning how to teach math to kids as well as learning to like it ourselves if we didn't already. A main objective is to stop the cycle of hating math so we don't pass that on to our students. I found your website when our teacher had asked us to go looking for math games on the internet and other places that would be helpful when teaching. I was impressed by your site more than the others I found because yours is more geared for kids and making math fun. I look forward to using the information from your site in the future.

Thank you,
Kasey G.


Mathcat, I love your website!   Tatum




Hi, I teach 3 classes of online Gifted students in Tasmania Australia and often direct children to things on your site, The children range from 5 years to 12 years, thanks,

Wendy F.


I heard of your site from another newsletter. I found the site to be very helpful. I teach preschool through third grade. Nina


We are from Adelaide, in South Australia.

I have two kids, both boys who are facinated with maths. One is six and at the end of Grade 1, the other is at the end of grade four. We only have three more weeks until the end of the school year here, and start afresh in early February.

My younger son in particular is maths mad - everything he does is maths related somehow, and he naturally thinks mathmatically. He wanted to wear bathers (swimming shorts) under his clothes to school, so he measured the shorts against each other to see would the swimmers be seen.

Another day, he then came into the kitchen to have some awful tasting vitamin mixture. The first day I had given him two lollies after the mixture. The next day he got four (they were stuck together). He asked if this meant that the lollies doubled each day, and should he have eight the next day!

I was in the library the other day searching for some maths info and thought of you and your website. How nice it is to have access to such great learning tools! Thanks.

cheers, Heidi


I think your games are the best. I have been looking for a good web site for math and this is it

Annissa S


Dear math cats,

I just found your website last night. I just love cats a lot but i don't really like math but this is getting me more instred in math because it has cats in it. I think that this is going to really help me in my math! I also told my teacher about the website then he started looking for the website. my name is britny and i just wanted to say thank you math cats! please e-mail me.

I will e-mail you to if you e-mail me . ( p.s please please e-mail me back)

your newest member Britny, my nick name is kitty! I can also draw garfield really well! 11/22/02
i'm in 6 grade and i am 11 i am struggling in math a lot


I learned of your website through and enjoy it very much. I teach math and language arts to 5th graders. Mathcats is a great website!

Kris J


Thank you for your wonderful, kid-friendly site. I am a college graduate with a degree in sociology and a degree in social work, with a strong liberal arts background. I have two daughters, one 10, and one 5 plus. Both love the computer, reading, and games, and I am trying to continue to support their interest in math. It saddens me that our culture (U.S.) starts making math a no-no for girls once they start hitting puberty. I want both of my daughters to follow their dreams as they grow and learn. So, I am encouraging their use of this site. Also, I am returning to graduate school for a degree in elementary ed/special ed., and need to be tested in math that I have not used as much as I would like. I found your site on the computer, am using it, and am pleased that you are so cautious, and considerate. Thank you. Ann F.


hey this is lauren and caitlin and we like mathcats and we thauhgt we would just let u know that! thanx bye


I homeschool my two children, Megan (age 10) and Jacob (age 7). Thanks for such an interesting and helpful website.



I find your information very useful for my 8 year old daughter. Keep up the good work!!



I am a mathematics teacher in high school in Massachusetts. I teach students in grades 9-12 and this year am teaching Honors Alg 1, Informal Geometry and Pre-Calc. I just wanted to let you know that yesterday I took my class to the library to do the spreadsheet Webquest that I found on your site. The students are doing a project that needs to be put on a spreadsheet. Because of the various computer abilities in the group I thought this was worth a try. It got good reviews from all ( well, almost all, you know you always have a few!) but everyone stayed on task and was engaged during the period. I have found your site easy to read, easy to get around, and most important... useful! Thanks for all the time that MUST go into doing what you are doing.



I am a lecturer in a further education college in the UK. I teach mathematics to mature students, who are intending to become primary school teachers. I discovered math cats while surfing the web for ideas I could use to contextualise the mathematics I teach to these students. (I also like cats a lot, and have four of my own). I have visions of myself as an old lady doing recreational maths problems with a cat on my lap!



I learned about your site via mailring. Your site was recommended. Am so glad I did!

Cheryl H.
grade 2


I love math and cats


what r u doing now math cats r u in school learning more about math

well my name is kernika and bye

(The Math Cats replied that we are always learning, but our "school" is the whole world.)


I am so amazed at the Math Cats web site. I absolutely love it. I am a Junior majoring in elementary education with an emphasis in computers at Mississippi State University. I can only hope that one day my students will be able to create a web site as incredible as y'alls is. I love how the answers are scattered and then when I pointed to them, they went into the right order, how did you do that?? Tell the students that they are incredible. Good luck with the rest of y'alls year. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Meredith M.


I am an FMD (Funtionally Mentally Disabled) teacher for Williamstown Elementary. I am considered a Primary teacher but have children from ages 8-14. They have multiple disabilies. My job is to try to teach them everyday living and selfhelp. I loved your website, anything you can send me would be greatly appreciated. You see, I am a first year teacher emergency certified with a business degree. So basically me and these children are learning at the same time. I am attending a university to earn a MSD 5th year degree. Moderate to Severe Handicapped. The state in which I live, are so short handed of Special Ed Teachers that they will hire any one with a Bacherlors degree. Don't get me wrong, I love these children, as I have two boys of my own. All it takes for these children to learn is a little patience, and a lot of love.



Hello Mathcats-

I enjoy the additions to the site and i think you've done a splendid job! Keep up the good work. Many cheers to the day-

Friend of Mathcats~
Kayla P.

:) :) :) :) Many happy returns of the day!!!!! And that is to all of everyone who make possible ( kids/adults you use the web page, Wendy Petti- The Master Cat, etc.) :) :) :) :)


Dear Mathcats,

Please send me a Return Email by the 23 & or 24.

Michael W.

ps I love your game


thanks for producing the mathcats pages. I've found them TOTALLY wonderful and have shared them with a great number of my colleagues and with teachers from other schools in my area.

Maths no longer seems so daunting to me now!!!

Keep up the good work

Ann Marie


Dear Primecat

Just one more letter to thank you for such an inspired site -both in its content and in your philosophy! I have been teaching Primary Maths now for many, many years but still find numbers and patterns exciting, especially when they are so gloriously imaginative as yours! I know the girls I teach will love the site and hope we can send contributions in the future.

Linda G


Hi! I love your site. It's so fun! Why don't you check out this site / It's not funner than yours though!



I love your mathcats site! Creativity AND technology. What fun.

Laurie J.


Dear math cats I love your web site well gotta go but keep up the good work! Kay!

Cassie R.


Dear math cats,

I think your website is really cool! I am 11 years old i'm turning 12 november 27. I live in Mooresville, Indiana.

Megan O.


Hey. It's me again. I love your site as I've said only about a million times and that is an estimate after round up. It truly is a marvelous site. Can I be on your mailing list? Or should I say, your "e-mailing" list? Oh my, I forgot my manners! Let's start again.

Hey! How are you? I am great. I am pleased to say that your site is fantastic! I willing be sending a few more math problems in a few minutes. Also, I would like to know if we are able to send hard problems that are not math problems. I have quite a few of those. Well, Have a nice day, no week, no month, no year! Buh-Bye for now.

~Kayla P.


... I truly enjoy your site and the students love it when I turn on the smart board and up come the cats.



i had fun going back to visit the math cats web site a minute ago. there really is a lot of neat stuff there. i like the magic chalkboards a lot.

- phil


i love math cats!!!!!!

love shaneill


[after asking a question about Long Line o' Cats and receiving a reply]:

I am so honored that you would respond so quickly. You have created a MARVELOUS site. Thank you so much!

I just received my masters in Computers and Technology in the Classroom from Wilkes University, Pennsylvania. I can't tell you how many times I recommended your site either in a graduate paper or to my math friends. Keep the good stuff coming!



I like this website a bunch, it's REALY fun.

Out of all the sites this is one of my favorites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I really like your games

Annissa S.


I just love your site! It is the best math site that I have ever seen or been to. It helps me a lot, but all I need now is subtraction. I am at Cloverdale school in Carol Stream, Illinois. They have math quizzes called Mad Minutes. Currently, we have subtraction, and I don't have anything to help me study. Please include subtraction and mutipaction. That's all I ask for! Thanks.

Amanda M., 8 years old

[Math Cats replied to point out one subtraction game and four multiplication activities at Math Cats; most of these activities are in the MicroWorlds section.]


hi cats?


hi my mom found me your site and i really like it thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sierra age 8.

(later the same evening)

i can`t get off because i love your website!!!!!!!!! byebye ~~~~~SIERRA~~~~~


hi cats?


Hi you have such a great website. I love your website.


I love your stuff can I be on your mailing list??????


Hi! My name is Kristin S... I teach 2nd and 4th grade math. This is my first year teaching and I got a lot of great ideas from your website. Thanks!

Happy day!



I am thrilled to find your website and plan on using it in my 8th grade basic math class. I work in Las Vegas, NV at a very at risk school. Ninety-five percent of our eight graders read at a level below third grade. Any time I can find websites that can make math fun and apply it to their lives it is great.

Donna W.


I love your site. Just what I was looking for. I'm homeschooling twin boys age 10 (first year of homeschooling), who think they hate math. They are totally burned out by pages of practice math.



I teach second grade at a small, private school in Savannah, Georgia. I haven't had a chance to use the site with my students yet. I'm sure they will be excited about the various activities.



Remember me? I'm the one who sent a few very hard math problems. I enjoy sending difficult problems because I am able to do the work myself. Sometimes I may need a calculator. I love the tiger section of your math probelm part of the site. I think it is great that kids enjoy sending math questions to you and they send them in so many different math levels. Working out these problems is challenging but great fun. as you may or may not know, summer has ended and all the children have moved up a grade. I am now in 5 grade and I am also in Workshop. This is a program for children who are above average and are very creative and intelligent. In my workshop class, we do many difficult problems and I love to strangle my brain to solve them. I hope you don't mind, but I write down problems that kids send you and take them for the kids to solve at workshop. They loved them so I told them about your web site. They all went home and tried your web site and came to me at the next class and said they loved your web site as much as I love it. I truly think you have a successful site here and I think it is an absolutely great web site. Once again, Thank you for creating such a wonderful site.

--Kayla P.


dear math cats i love to draw i hope i can show you my drawings bye i have to go beacause i have a poster contest and have to finish my poster so i can win bye!


Hi I am Erica I needed help so i loged on you and you made my life change !


my sis told me 'bout u. u r so kool. so long


Hello! I learned of math cats from Click school. I homeschool my three children - ages 9˝, 8 and 4. I am looking forward to introducing my kids to the math games. I also really apprecited all the helpful hints (games and such) you have listed from (and for) educators. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with finding good and fun math drills for the kids. I think this will really be an encouragement for my older two.


Charlene P.


Dear Math Cats, your web site is cool!! I love cats. You have lots of cool ideas and games!!

Isabella A.


Hey math cats, Isabella A. back your site has halped me more than ever! I had B and now i got A's and B pluses



I am not doing to good in Math. My handwriting is good but sometimes I get in a rush.


Your site is soooo fantastic!!!!!!!! I will be sending the link to some of my favorite kids, teachers and parents!!!!!!I love your Math Cats website!!!! Thanks!!!!


I am a primary school teacher/principal in Western Australia - or at least I was. I now run my own educational consultancy and publishing business. I came across your website as I was researching material on the Internet to add value to the mathematics material I write.

My congratulations on what I think is a quite excellent website that I will be happily recommending to schools in Western Australia and in other states of Australia.

Peter N.


I just wanted to say that I like your site and it helps me a lot ") I love cats anyways so this makes it fun for me to do math !!

Thank You.........
Haley K.


What a great site!!! I am a thirty-eight year old mother of an 8 year old son and a 5 year old daughter. I am currently attending Middle Tennessee State University to get my teacher licensure!! I am taking a class - Teaching Geometry to Elementary School Students - and we had to research math web sites for a quiz. This site is awesome and I added it to my favorites list!!! I will use it as I am going to school, as a teacher (down the road) and with my children on a daily basis!! Thanks for doing this!!

I am looking forward to receiving your newsletter.

Courtney N.


Dear Maths cats

Your stuff is realy helpful. I am a second year Bsc student and I always get information from your site. Geep it going guys.


I am a third grade teacher. I am in my fourth year of teaching. I think that your site is the most attractive and useful site I have discovered so far!!!! No kidding-where have you been for me all these years!!! I look forward to more fabulous stuff. Thank you.



Dear mathcats,

When I just started 3rd grade we were learning multiplication. Every weekend my mom wanted me to study my multiplication. She baught me some flash cards, and once I started using them math has been so much easier for me. Also now math in 5th grade every Friday my teacher gives us a sheet with multiplication facts on it and if you get them all right she gives you a gumball and you advance to the next number! After all my practicing I have realized that knowing multipication is very important. Do you have any tips for studying them?

From Jacob K.
Chesterfield VA


I ABSOLUTLEY SPONTIFICOUSELY LOOOOOOOOOVE CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is an awesome site! I can't wait to tell the teachers at my school. I can't wait to try some of the ideas with my class. Keep up the great work and thanks for all that you are doing to make math fun.



I am a first-grade teacher in Macon, GA. I stumbled upon your site quite by accident - just surfing edu sites. I love the fact family house and cards and can't wait to begin using them. I look forward to hearing from your newsletters.

With warmest regards,
Peggy D.


hey math cat. i love doing math. can you send me more math things to do.


hi I love your website and so does my school!

me and my school almost always get on your site I LOVE it . thanks for making it.

your fan and Collins


Dear Math cats,

I love your program. I am trying to make my brother try it

Maggie H.


Dear Friends,

I have just visited your Math Cat site. It is WONDERFUL!!! I have been looking for pet-related educational resources on the net for a number of reasons: 1) I have a neice who lives in Germany, who is not particularly motivated about school, but LOVES animals. This is PERFECT for her! (She also is bilingual with German and English, and is only in a 100% anglophone environment 6 weeks out of the year, so the math story problems are perfect for her!) 2) I am a foster parent, and frequently "respite" younger children on weekends. Almost all children have a fascination with the computer and the internet, but it is often difficult to find stuff that is both entertaining and worthwhile--your site is! 3) I am on the board of directors (& am one of the founders) of a pet loss bereavement and educational resource network. I am the person developing the Children's pages and want to include links to resources other than for bereavement. It is enormously time-consuming to create everything from scratch, and I am deligted to find your site.

You may just have a flood of incoming to your site. I plan to tell the "other mothers" about it. I know an absolutley DEAR child who is struggling with second grade, mostly because there is disruption at home. I am sure his mom will be very glad to have the URL. It's too bad you don't have "cat chemistry" and "cat calculus;" my foster daughter LOVES kitties (I have 2 at the moment.) and she also LOVE calculus and chemistry. She is NOT your ordinary foster teenager!

Thank -you so very much,
Katie N.


Hi Primecat!

My name is Yasmine and I love your website. I would really appreciate it if u made another one!



Hi Goodmathcats How are you I 'm fine My name is Hiruy but you can call me Henry my sister name is Lydia and I love the mathcats .com have cool stuff I will go to for weeks I did It on Tuesday.

Henry and Lydia


I'm a 40+ Mom with previous teaching experience. Our daughter is 9, in the fourth grade. At least once a month I work with Special Needs kids at church - ages 9-13. Developmentally they are preschool through 2nd grade - that's the overall scatter of abilities.

So, I'm looking for a variety of levels for activities; I enjoy seeing what's available.

Thanks for taking your time to set all of this up and for sharing it!

Karen F.


My name is Dave P. and I teach middle school math. I found your site because of an enrichment class that we teach. I enjoy the site. You have done a great job.

Thanks, Dave P.


I work at the University of Alberta teaching math methods and curriculum to our future Elementary Education (grade school level) teachers. A friend told me about MathCats and I also happen to be a cat fan... I live with four of them.



I have just subscribed to your newsletter. I found your website as I was searching for general information about cats. I teach second grade and I will share this websites with my children and their families.

Thank you.


Thank you for th site. Thia is the first time I bing on here. I have a something to ask you. How do you send in art things. Well I got to go now bye!

Your Friend,
Natasha W.


your are the best math teacher ni the worlde. You hepl me whit my math homework. you are the nices cat, in the worlde. I have a cheer for you. Her it goes. YOU .... YOU are the best hepler..NI the worlde. YOU are not # 5432 . But you are #1. I get a A


I teach Resource Special Education at the elementary level (K-6) and came across your web site. The idea bank on your website looks like it has some invaluable info!

Oakland, California


I love this place.



dear math cats why do we have math?????


We are homeschoolers, in our third year. I'm not positive, but I think I found out about your site through one of our email lists, perhaps TAGFAM? I have two kids, 10 (5th grade) and 12 (7th grade). My 10 year old daughter, is a little reluctant about math, thinks she's not good at it, but really is. I think it's just that it doesn't come as easily as everything else, so she figures she's deficient somehow. She's crazy about cats, so I figured pointing her toward your site would help make math a little less her "least favorite subject." Seems to be working.

Great site! Thrilled you're doing this--keep up the good work.

Mary W.



i love your site! its very enjoyable!

ellen m.
age nine


I'm the tech person at my school and I collect and pass on information to all the teachers about great websites that might help them. I am impressed with yours.


Math cats is making me like math a lot more.
It's the most fun math that I have ever done.



I think mathcats is the BEST website in the whole world. I love you, mathcats!

Elizabeth D.


My name is Julie and I am a student at Orange Coast College. I am taking a Mathmatics for Elementary School Students course and my professor requires us to come up with a lesson plan for a topic each week. I used some ideas from your site for my last lesson plan.

Thanks for all your hard work on the site,


What is this number 1,000,000,000,000,000,000?

What is this number 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000?

What is google?

and this website is really cool for kids.


hello cat send me back my name is ashley








My name is Debra P. I teach 3rd grade in Louisiana. I am the lucky mom of three boys ages 11, 6, and 4. I subscribe to your newsletter for site information that will assist me in my classroom and at home. My boys are actually pretty good at math so we use online activities for reinforcement and to make it fun. I was one of those girls who hated math until I finally learned it. I think I was about 28 at the time. (ha ha) It took years of teaching math for me to learn math. Now, I love teaching math. Its my favorite subject! My goal as a teacher is to make those kids who think they hate math to discover the fun of patterns in numbers, shapes, and word problems. Thank you for the time and effort you put into your website.

Debra P.


I really can not remember how I found your site ....probably in a frenzied attempt to solve my 'math confusion' ...... as a home -schooling parent..... and entering 'maths' into the search zone.

I am surely glad that I did though, as my girls adore cats ......... and your site is proving popular.

Thank you so much for sharing all your expertise and creativity with us.

Best wishes,


hellow my name is Jemma and i think math cat is a o.k program and i enjoyed working on it but i did not enjoy working on the other sites as much!




hey maths cats whatss up in the crazy world of cats you are the coolest cat in the world my name is james c. i am cool just like you you are cool because you are a cool cat what is happening in the crazy land of cats at this moment bye for now i have to go to my mcool land of the human living catch you later.


Hi my name is gareth and I think the Math cat program is really good.Do you get lots of letters from people? And what kind of letters are they? How do yo make a web site?


hey your web site is so cool. how did you think up all of this?


I learned about math cats from "Home Educators Monthly-H.E.M." a monthly online newsletter. I homeschool my 2 children (ages almost 7, 4 and one on the way!) Your site is a lot of fun! I could, however, have used some basic definitions in the "4 older cats" section. What is a tesselation (am I showing my age but not knowing this??) Thanks for the site!

Kathy in Ontario, Canada


I stumbled on your site while searching for information on tessellation to use with my students. I am the computer teacher at a school in Montgomery Alabama. I teach approximately 300 kids in grades K-4. I love your site and plan to use it both as a reference for me and as a daily lesson for some of my classes...

I have also just begun to use Microworlds with my 3rd and 4th graders.... It is a wonderful program and we all love it!

Thanks for the great work you do! Martha C.


To cats,

My name is Cassie B. and I have a cat called Sooty but I call him Sotty mc a lotty please write back

Dean, Australia


hi its a good day foru to teach math math cat


I'm kenley fr n.c. i am 8 years old. i love your site.


Dear Cats,

My name is daragh. i am 8 years old. i love your website.

from Daragh



I came across you by doing a search through AOL. I had been using other sites but they seemed to be limited in the sorts of things I was looking for. I knew straight away that the ideas you present would be appealing to children. They cover areas usually overlooked in the average classroom.

I teach Years 2 and 3's. My year 2's in particular are very bright. I like to present them with interesting activities.

Yours sincerely,
Angela M.


Hi my name is cassie and i am 11 years old.I love cats and i really like your website.

Bye. From Cassie


i like math cats!

Dear Math cats ;10 cats at home. They are not mine got them from Mrs and Mr. Bailey. I moved to Manitoba 2 months ago I'm soooooooooo happy in 4 sleeps I'll go to school. I like cats.
When I did a search about cats came across your web site it was cat cool!
I'm cat cccrrraaazzzy.I was born December 23. I'm 7 years old and I'm going to gr.3.
I lllloooovvvveeeee school! I ride the bus. My teachers name is Mz. Campbell. I'm in room 12. I've only seen my kittens Goggles and Tiger Lily I call her Lily for short.
I want you to send me back an email to me . Oh Bye the way my name is Kara.

your cat lover Kara

- - - - -

(after receiving a reply)


I love math as much as I love cats.My cats are not tame except Lily. Yesterday I pet her gave her a tuna samwitch ''.Lily let me do that''? my Mom said she was supprized. I love music...

Do you have a dog? I do; his name is Casey.



Math Kool!



I'm excited to receive the Math Cats News.
I attended a MARCO POLO wksop on Monday -through our school district. This was one of the sites we looked at. I really enjoyed it-but didn't have enough time to go through everything.
I now teach gr 3...
I should have only 22 students this yr(think I'm in heaven)
I'm not the most computer literate person but am trying.
Have a good week.


I am currently starting the year as a first grade teacher in a newly formed private school. (That means there's lots to do, set-up, and buy before the year begins.) I have taught 4/5 and 2nd grade in private school, and as of this weekend, have completed my master's in education with licensure in Pre-K through 6.
I learned about your site through a data base list that one of my professors had compiled, which took me to the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse site. I printed out the entire annotated list of sites (all 97 of them!) under the heading "Problems, Puzzlers, and Games" and there you were (# 9). What a wonderful discovery. I'm looking forward to all the exciting math challenges this year and wish you continued success with your site. It truly is a "keeper", and we certainly need more of its kind!



Hi, my name is Janie. I'm excited about your website. I came across your website by luck. I teach 5th grade.




am moving to 5th grade this year after three years of first grade. I learned about math cats from the 5th grade mail list. I love your site. Keep up the good work!



Cats Rule



Dear Math Cats
I think that this is great math thing to go to when you are in the grade I am in so I think that it is a great subject so I think that you should keep up the good work.
From ; Krystal M.


Dear Math Cats:
Its me again tahlia I have just got back on
Your web site. Just as good as last time.


this is cool


What a cute site for teachers! I'm getting my master's in elementary ed. I found out about your site while looking for web sites for a research paper on math manipulatives. Thank you; I can't wait to use your site in my classes--Toni



I really like your website alot.



Your site is wonderful! I have been playing for over an hour! My favorite part is the mixed up answers to the trivia questions, which are then aligned with the mouse.

Deborah P.


I teach in Dallas-- computer literacy to kinder-6th grade. I just came across your site while I was doing a search for Elementary Math. I am always looking for good websites that my students can visit. I love mathcats!

Pat J.


I recently came across your site as I was looking for new ideas. I am a third grade teacher. I will not be teaching math in this upcoming school year, but I believe that this site will provide an excellent tool for students to practice math skills. I am definitely going to have their math teacher send in their story problems for you to put on the site. They would love that! :)

Thanks for the great resource!

Sara S.


I learned about your web site and newsletter through a message on the fifth grade list. This was through a discussion of "sparkle" and your suggestions for adapting the game for math drill.By the way, I like the idea!! It would be more fun than "buzz".

I teach fifth grade in a small Catholic school in Ohio. This year I will be teaching math for both 4 and 5.

I'm looking forward to receiving your newsletters and to using the helps at your website.

Billie J.


I am looking forward to ideas from your site to "spice up" math beyond the program we have to do...



I plan to spread the word about MathCats. What a wonderful website you've put together. I'm REALLY impressed, and will have fun sharing it with other parents and kids.


I love math cats! Its so cool! I love all the cute little pictures of the cats!

catcat G.


I think I'm one of your first subscribers. I am in charge of ICT for 7 to 11 year olds. I enjoy exploring the site and encourage my colleagues to do the same!!!

Caroline O.


To Prime Cat,

Happy Second Birthday!



Congratulations on your second birthday!!!!!!! I read how you started this web site and I think it's cool!!! I was just on your web site and I tried a game I haven't played. It was the "Long line o' Math Cats" It was so cool!!! I got down to one cat left but I couldn't get them all in line. It's fun and challenging. And I like Jumping Math Cats too. I still think your web site is the best!!! Maybe I could start a web site someday and make just like yours. That sure would be neat.

As always,
Kayla P.



Ed, Lynn, Nick and Natalie


Thank You for such a WONDERFUL site. I am excited about it I can't wait to try it out on my kids.


I have been a Primary teacher for the past 13 years. This year I had the opportunity to move to Fifth Grade and teach math. I have been searching the internet for neat math sites that are on this grade level and I happened to find this one. It is a "gold mine!!!" Thanks so much for your time and effort you have put into this website!! You will never know how appreciative teachers (like me who don't have the computer knowledge that folks like you do) are for to you for your willingness to share these great ideas and activities on the web. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!! You have given me several ideas to use on the first few days of school as well as for the entire year. Keep up the good work!! My wish for you is for you to have a great year. Again, thanks so much.

Carolyn H. of Kentucky


I love the matheme-cat-ical presentation!

Quentin B.


Hi math cats,

My name is matthew, I love math cats, so it would be great if you could send Letters


I am a 60 yr. old Grandmother. I have 2 young grandsons. One is a real math whizz -----one is not. I love cats and happened upon your site by accident. It looks great and I can get a lot of great stuff for the kids from it. I love helping them and finding new ways to help them learn

Regards Nicky


I love I meen it's so cool! I'v put it in my favorites! It's so cool!

Well gota go,


I'm a second grade teacher in Arlington, MA...
I just have to tell you how much I LOVE your site and work - simply amazing! I am putting together a page for my and our school website so kids can practice math facts, in particular, and math concepts, in general, online. I'm giving your site lots of promotion!
Thanks for all your hard work!




my name is victoria and i love math cats even though i'm 13 the fun dosn't change.Your web-site is both fun and educational!!! well hope fully my pichture got threw to you and see ya!!



I found your site through going through someone's website on myschoolonline. I find it great and plan to recommend it to my parents and use it next year with my students.

Janet M.


HI, how are you? Doing good here. I think you should have more fun games but besides that I love mathcats! It is great.


this is such a wonderful site, what great work you do! Thank you, thank you. JJ


To Math Cats,

I think that your site is the best because people have troubles with their maths problems or facts and this site is the best to do those problems. (and i mean it because this is the best site ever, i been into while i have been on the INTERNET)

From One of your WEBSITE FANS ,

P.S Please reply if you think this message is good!!!! and say something good back to me. Thanks for your time with me on the internet. Bye , Bye


dear math cats




dear mathcats

I love your website! I love cats! u I forgot u r cats.

love val


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love you alisha


To Math cats:
I love your program and the things that
you have and the funky cats.

Love Tahlia.


hey i love your web site it is fun but educational to


Hi, I am a 36 year old single mom. For whatever reason you made this website and contribute to learning, when some of us parents missed out on the fundamentals, THANK YOU.....WE COULDN'T DO IT WITHOUT YOU...I just wish I could have afforded a computer when my son was younger.

Adrienne, Seattle


I came across your MathCats site while searching for some info on MicroWorlds. What a marvelous site! Looking at all this reminded me of my brief stint as a secondary school teacher, my experiments with LOGO, and the profound effect Papert's "MindStorms" had on my thinking. I wonder if Papert's constructivist philosophy has gained much ground in the 14 years since I left teaching. In my community, there has been an extraordinary push towards "standards based" education and test performance. Teacher acquaintances tell me that directed learning and rote methodologies have seen a resurgence in the wake of perceived failure. Has the sort of curriculum you’ve designed been accepted and if so where? Do you see software like MicroWorlds making its way into the classrooms and curricula?

In any event, thanks for the great web site. I’m sure to visit again.

--jeff a.

[a portion of the reply]:

I would not describe Math Cats as providing a "curriculum." It would probably be considered more of a supplement to a curriculum, whether a constructivist curriculum or a standards-based one. It is certainly not comprehensive! There are many other math sites which provide more skill introduction and practice, so I'm not attempting to duplicate those efforts. I'm hoping to broaden some horizons, to help expand children's and teachers' thinking about math, hoping to counteract some of the funneling which has been going on in too many curricula and on too many other math sites.

The folks at LCSI (makers of MicroWorlds) tell me that 20,000 U.S. schools have a MicroWorlds site license. And there are big pockets of MicroWorlds enthusiasts in other countries....


Hello! My name is Caitlin S. I am 9 years old. My birthday is July 20, 1992. I love your web-site! Keep up the good work!

~Caitlin S.~


I am an elementary teacher working in a far out country from yours: Chile, and I am very interested in your resources.

I learned about MathCats browsing in the web and through a link and I work with students from 10 to 17 years old.

Roberto B.


I love your site keep up the good work


I am a homeschool mom. I have two children, Jacob is in 5th grade, Cara is in 2nd grade. I found a link to your site as I was brousing through some other site. I was interested in the site because of they way it was described. I liked the site. My daughter enjoyed the matching cat game. The solitare game.

We will visit the site some more. Keep up the good work!

Anna S.


I heard of your site from the Canterbury Mathematical Assosiation newsletter. Canterbury is a provence of New Zealand, and where much of "The Lord of the Rings" was filmed. I teach Years 10-12 which in NZ means aged 14 to about 16. In my school (Ashburton College) as well as teaching my classes I am also responsible for the extension courses in the school. Your site looks great - I hope I will pick up many ideas for my classes. Cheers,

New Zealand


HI I like your site it sooooo cool. I go on it a lot. I told all my friends about your site. The best thing I like is the cat head follows the mouse all around. Thanks for having this web site on. Kids LOVE it!!!!!!!!


I asked my future Math Elementary students to explore your site. It is excellent!!!!! When I taught in the public school I needed resources and couldn't afford them and or find them. So when I discovered your site through a NCTM mailer I added it to my website and to their project lists.

I teach Math Content for Elementary teachers so depending on the topic they can explore your site. The last work was to explore Tessellation so they went to Tessellation Town and had to print something they created. They also had to check out the "old" cat section and give me an example activity they could use in the future based on something they found in your site. My only problem is that they would often talk about something I haven't found yet!!!! Next year I will ask them to document the area that triggered their idea.

Connie M.


...I just want to say how impressed I am with the site--with the imagination, the creativity, and the web skills that went into its creation.

Best wishes,
Joan K.


Thank you for creating such an awesome site. I love it!! I teach kindergarten and first...

I really enjoy problem solving and reasoning activities for my first graders... They would love the jumping cats game. We have been working on lots of reasoning games lately in math. I am glad to have your site for more possible activites for my students.

I would love to know about updates you plan for the site. Since I am the math representative for my building I will be sharing with my staff about your site.

Thank you!!! Dawn in Nebraska


I am a soon to be teacher, and your website was given to our class by our instructor at San Diego State University as something to check out. I am interested in all ways to keep kids interested in Math, and for students to see the utility, design and ideas in it.

Your site looks very creative and fun for elementarians--Thanks!



Thanks for the great website! I discovered it doing a search for Hershey Bar fractions. I am a second grade teacher... It is so great to see the sharing of information that the teachers have contributed! I have done some great lessons myself this year and would love to share!...

Thanks again!


I like Math Cats

I like very much your site.
is serious and nice.
I will recommend it from my page.

Maurici C. J.
Barcelona, Spain


I read about Math Cats on the third grade list serve I am on. I used it for activities for fractions when I was presenting lessons for other teachers. I am now preparing a list of great math sites to present to other teachers and this will be one of them. Thanks.

Judie S.


So how do you fund Math Cats? Do you do Math Cats as a full-time job? I'm just curious how you are able to fund this project?

Keep up the great work!! I'm just intrigued with what you are doing and wondering how you are doing it.

Chuck F.
Lincoln, Nebraska

- - - - - -


Yes, many people including my own family have asked me, "So how do you intend to make any money off of this site???"

And I say, "I don't. It is my gift to society."

I wish I could work fulltime on it, because I have tons of ideas and half-finished projects begging for my time. Instead, I work on Math Cats part-time and I have a part-time paying job as Director of Curriculum for OpenWorld Learning (OWL), a nonprofit organization in Denver, Colorado. I create curriculum materials for them (largely MicroWorlds materials) from my kitchen table in Bethesda, Maryland. The director of OWL found me through Math Cats, and so that is one unexpected payoff of the site. I also wrote part of a book of math activities last summer, and the publisher was only looking for already-published authors (which I wasn't) but I pointed to Math Cats as my portfolio and they hired me... so that was another payoff...

For many years I was a teacher, but I quit in June 2000 and just wanted to be able to tell people *something* instead of "I have no idea what I'll do now," and so I started saying that I was going to set up a math website for kids. I had never created a single web page before. My teenage son got me started on my first page, and I have done it all on my own since then.

I absolutely never dreamed that Math Cats would ever become a highly-respected and much-visited site. I certainly never dreamed that this would happen almost overnight once I announced its existence. It has been very gratifying. And that is what keeps me going... plus it is tons of fun. I have begun collaborations with people from different parts of the world; there's a dynamic math teacher in Australia beginning to brainstorm with his students how they can make some creative contributions to Math Cats, and so on.

Sometimes I think about trying to get some grant money, but I think I would have to turn Math Cats into a nonprofit organization first, and then I would need a Board of Directors and would need to hold meetings and write reports and be accountable to funders... ugh. I like being able to say that I am the one human at Math Cats. I like being in total control, after so many years of being under the thumb of an unappreciative principal.

So my original thought was to develop Math Cats for about 6 months and then move on to other things while it existed as a fait accompli, but instead it looks as if I will keep devoting myself part-time to Math Cats probably forever.

Now if you have any ideas for me about how I could fund Math Cats without ads, without sales, without a bureaucracy... I'm not against the idea of Math Cats supporting itself; I just haven't put any time or energy into contemplating a palatable way to do it. Meanwhile, I limp along financially with my part-time paying job and I think I can avoid returning to the classroom indefinitely. And if I get desperate for money I guess I'll go back to teaching. But it is so much more fun to feel that I am sort of teaching even while I'm sleeping, through Math Cats, and to wake up to messages like yours.

I appreciate your interest!

Wendy Petti, the one human at Math Cats


hi i love the mathcats and i love to go on it a lot. i want to know if there are going to be more math.




I love your site! We used the chalk board index for sponge activities and review. Keep up the good work and keep me on your e-mail list.

Linda C.
6 and 7th grade math teacher


Congratulations on a wonderful site

Hi, I'm a teacher of very bright kids at a private elementary school near Melbourne, the capital of Victoria Australia. I often use your site as a basis for assignments which I set for my kids - they love it and frequently visit the site ( and links ) of their own volition.

Where do you find time to do all the stuff you have at your site for others to use ??? Well done - you deserve an award!

yours sincerely
Graham W.

- - - - - -

Reply [in part]:

Thank you so much for your very lovely message.

Where do I find the time?? Good question! That is why I am answering mail in what is for me the middle of the night. And I am terribly behind on all I want to do on the site. So many half-finished projects and ideas not yet begun!

I work on Math Cats in my "spare time" as I do have a paying job...

But messages like yours are what keeps me going. One of these days I hope to learn how to program in something like Flash since I know most people don't bother to download and install the MicroWorlds plug-in. That is my favorite part of the site and it goes unused by most visitors. But I have not managed to find the time to learn something new, and besides, I am a huge fan of MicroWorlds. The whole reason I set up Math Cats in the first place was just to have a place to post some MicroWorlds projects! I placed a few other small activities on the site, and the Logo art gallery, so I could say there was *something* else besides MicroWorlds projects... and it just started growing from there. I had no idea that the site would actually because so widely used. It has been an immense thrill for me...

Wendy Petti, the one human at Math Cats


i like your website but you should add some cat meow music!!!!!! got to go, my dinners waiting (whiskers) !!!!!!!!!!!!!


The math cats website is fantastic!!



[a reply from a math teacher to a posting from a college student on a math list which said in part that math "is not cute, not fun, was not invented to help self esteem..."]

For heaven's sake, what is wrong with FUN? I find FUN is a great motivator, not to mention the first three letters of fundamental.

I'm not unqualified, but I do believe that part of my mission is to have students feel part of the love for math that I have, like being in awe that an interior angle can also be an exterior angle, if you change your perception. That blows my mind and reminds me of Descartes' idea if I am awake now and dreaming, or if my life is actually a dream and the real life that I experience is my dream.

I highly recommend that you check out Wendy Petti's Mathcats site. It is fun, cute, and highly motivating, but based on concrete math concepts.

Sara T.
7/8 Math Teacher
United Arab Emirates


We wouldn't want to miss a single issue of Math Cats! We're a large, very active Homeschool family and Math Cats is the first math of any type my children have begged for, and, believe me, we've tried it all. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making math fun, interesting, and understanding for students of all levels.

Math Happy in Virginia


What an awesome job you've done with your site.

Carol G.


Hi Wendy, I stumbled across your math site and LOVE it! I am a math teacher in Westport, CT. I teach 5th grade mathematics, 3rd & 5th Gr. enrichment math, and Gr. 2-5 support math so I am always looking for a variety of math experiences at all levels. I'm looking forward to roaming your site often!



This site is so original and cool!!! Everything you can do on this web site is so cool! Keep up the fantastic work Wendy!

Maddie K.


i LOVE YOUR WEB !!!!!!!!!



hi i am 10 i like this web site it is fun



Hey Math Cats, i love your page


Hello Math Cats, I just had to take a minute to thank you for this WONDERFUL site. I am a mother of three as well as a full time students studying Early Childhood Ed. My own children are hooked on your site! I also use many of your activities for my lesson plans and school projects. Thanks for offering such an informative and interesting resource. Math is so important--you are doing a great job of making it fun!

Keri M.


Great Math Cats

hi Math Cats
You have a wunderful web page.But just between us i think you need to have more math cats games.



I was looking for a site that my students would enjoy. I teach 6th, 7th, and 8th grade resource math, science, and social studies. The highest level student I have is almost at a 5th grade level. My sister, also a teacher, told me about your site. Your site is really fun and I look forward to reviewing more of it.

Ms. Harris


I came upon your site while searching for Math Center ideas... Your site should prove very resourceful. Keep up the good work.

Mildred K.
Greensboro, NC


I love your MathCats site. I made a new page recently to compile ideas for enrichment centers (first grade). MathCats is listed there under resources and your fact family cards for centers.




I LOVE your website. I am a volunteer at my sons school, I teach Art Heritage for his second grade class. This month we are learning about M.C. Escher and I would like permission to use your craft ideas, I was thinking the string project would be fun. I am new at this so if you have any more ideas I would be grateful, (not to be greedy of course), Please let me know, and thank you in advance, your work is wonderful!

Angela L.


you guys rock!!!

hey mathcats i love your website
it rocks!!! anyway thats all i half to say bye


hello this site is soooOOOooo cute its so fun and sweat




Super site! I am a 5th grade math teacher from Kentucky. I found your site linked to the Netmom site. I love it. There are a great many activities that my fifth graders would benefit from doing. I am especially interested in integrating math with art. I love the art activities page.

--- Darlene G.


I love it is soo wanderful by.


hi my name is nicole i think you should put some more challangeing games for older children on your website,don't get me wrong i like your wabsite i just needs a little more.


Really enjoyed your site, it had just what I was looking for...ideas on how to teach various math subjects along with recommendations to other sites and reading resources. I'm a first-year teacher in a Title I Math program and currently work with students grades 1-5.

Karen N.


but i am having trouble with math




Dear Wendy,

maths cats is really fun I love playing on it. I am looking foward to your next email newsletter.

I really like the new game.

Tegan (age 6)


I have really enjoyed your news letters. I'm lead teacher in a secure, locked facility serving adolescent males ages 13-21 with various levels of academic ability. Since the students are not permitted access the internet, I download activities and bring them to school. The students enjoy them.

Phyllis Korins


My name is Erika. I like math cats! I have a cat named Cocoa Catherine, a dog named Boy and a fish named Jake.



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love avery


Hi my name is Colleen B. I love your web site but I do have some hints:

If you put in more games you'll get more people visiting! PPPPLLLLLEEEEEAAAAASSSSSSSEEE!!! Put some more art work that's FFFFFUUUNNN!!!!!!



Hey this site is great! It is expecilly good for teachers to find stuff for the kids to do and for the classroom. That is all I wanted to say well later!

Jennifer L. H.



I just wanted to say I like your web site. I really like jumpping math cats.I do not under staned the other ones.This Is The Best Ever.

From Your Friend
Lacey S.


I like math cats. It helps people learn new thing everyday. MATH CATS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

The math cats website is great!It helps everyone learn something new everyday.


P.S. I have a cat at home her name is Cocoa Katherine.


Hi! I'm very excited about your site. I teach Special Education Resource and am struggling with math facts. Thank you so much for these outstanding ideas!

S. Bechler


I think mathcat is so so cool. I likr it a lot!

Age 6


math is cool


hey MATHCATS are COOL! I LOVE THERE GAMES THEY teach really well

Danielle 7th grade


I am a first grade teacher in Canton, Georgia. I am also working on my masters---That's how I came across Math Cats. I needed activites for an NCTM notebook. I found several off your website that I could use. I really enjoyed your site. (I am also a cat lover). Thanks for the wonderful job you are doing. I look foward to your newsletters!

Lindy L.



I teach math to gifted kids in first through fifth grade, and I stumbled across math cats in a 'math games' search. I really like your site, especially the 'math crafts' section! Well done!

Nancy Irvin


Dear Cats,

I like your website alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was at it befor. I G2G now

From Amanda


Dear Mathcat,

I love mathcats. it helped me alot.

catch you later



As a senior college student I am enrolled in an education class that is Teaching Math and Science. Part of our class requirements is to conduct a web review and I was assigned your website. I loved the graphics and was eager to share the site with my 8 year old son. As a future elementary teacher, I found your site very enlightening and actually shared some of the ideas with friends already in the classroom.

Thanks for the time and effort you have put forth to not only help kids but teachers as well. Great job!!!

J. Rex
Odessa, Texas


Hi Wendy,

thanks for all your hard work with Math Cats. I was telling everyone at school and showing off the multiplication and division fact houses I downloaded last night. I found out about your cite from the third grade net ring with I look forward to using more of your math aids.

I teach grade 3 and 4 in Toronto Canada.

Michele M.


i like it


I am a 4th grade teacher in Monett, Missouri. I belong to a listserve through TeachersNet and that is where I heard about your site. It is a great site. I got some ideas for my class and I am looking forward to the next issue. Thanks for providing a neat site for teachers as well as kids and parents.

Pat M.


I love you site. It is so cool. I don't have any friends but math. I love to go shopping at K-Mart. Now that it is closed down I spend most of my day on Math Cats. You're site is so hyper sweet, I loved it when I finally found out how old I was exactly!!! I think I want to share that information about myself to you: You are 11 years old . . .

or 136 months old
or 589 weeks old
or 4129 days old
or 99096 hours old
or 5945781 minutes old
or 356746887 seconds old

And, my next birthday is in:
253 days 3 hours 39 minutes 33 seconds!!! Well, if you want to wish me a happy birthday you have to keep adding on to this spectacular event! Well, I must be going I need to explore Math Cats and at least try to save K-Mart!!!

Yours till the flaming flamingo drops into a lake and makes you catch fire,


Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to congratulate you on your idea for hexagrams. I used it in my Year 3 class (seven and eight year olds) for the brighter pupils during a numeracy lesson. We were looking at instructions in literacy and I wanted to see if they could follow instructions independently and these instructions 'fit the bill' exactly as we were looking at 2 and 3-D shapes that week in numeracy.

They could not complete the hexagrams unaided but I wanted to let you know how popular they were! I was constantly asked if they could finish their design or start a new one and this was not restricted to the top group. The whole class were impressed at the designs and wanted to have a go.

Well done again. Keep up the good work.

Julie A.


i have just found math cats i think it is wonderful.

Tegan, age 6


i like your web sit . i am on multiplication in school.

francesca l.


i found your site through my internet server at school as one of the best education sites. i work with grade 4/5 children over here and they are between 9 and 11 years of age. i really like the look of your site its terrific. thanks.

sheila h


I have 2 children, K & Gr 2 who are very able and I would thus like to extend their Math beyond the basic, dare I say boring, lower school math. I found your site listed at Xcalibre and I look forward to trying all the really interesting things you have on the site.

Thank you
Barbara F.


Just wanted to say what a great site you've put together! Wow!



I enjoy your site. I did a degree in maths, but my interest is in recreational maths, and a lot of primary school maths uses all the interesting things from it. I did a dip. ed. a couple of years ago and my first 'teaching' starts tomorrow - a basic maths (and computing) course for students who are about to start university. Some of the things on your site will be great to make the topic more interesting - eg the magic squares, the * and + cards, and the maths craft. I look forward to more exciting things.

best wishes


Your site still rocks!

The fact family hexagons are great! Are you going to do something like this with prime factorizations or am I going to have to make my own? Ok, I'll have the students make them. :---)))

Your site exemplifies your creativity and willingness to share with others.

I again thank you, on behalf of the students and the teachers of the world, for all your hard work and dedication.

United Arab Emirates

- - - - -

[follow-up message after a reply from Math Cats, 2/3/02}

I printed off some of the line designs for students to do... Once they saw how straight lines developed the curve, they were intrigued...

I recommended Math Cats for a sixth grader who is very turned-off math. She is being tutored and the tutor wanted to know of some "fun" sites. Math Cats ranks #1 with me!

United Arab Emirates


Hi! My name is Arlene. I teach severly learning disabled high school students who function on a 1st-2nd grade math level. I found your site by accident. I can't wait to get your newsletters. I think my students will like doing the activities! Thanks!


Dear Math Cats,
I never knew how old I was in seconds, minutes, hours, or months!

Natalie C. (a fan of your website)


I learned of the mathcats site from clickschooling. I am a mother of two children, ages 10 and 6. We are teaching our children outside of the school system and find your site looks very interesting for some of our math needs. My children have enjoyed your site immensely already! Thanks for the great math craft ideas. We look forward to trying them soon.



Micro Worlds really is cool!


My class and I went to your sight.We all loved your sight. Mrs. Sumner told me to E-mail you and tell you what my favorite thing on your sight. And it is the spirols that you can choose from.

James J


i have blue eyes
i have brown hair
i like to play on math cats
i have 3 cats 1 dog
2 cats are boys
1 cat is a girl
0 brothers. 0 sisters
-katie h.
age 10


I would like to complement you on your web site. My mom and I discoverd it 2 minits ago and we already love it!thanks again!

your reader





I love Math Cats. I've been searching out web sites for our curriculum links for the past two months and this is the first math site that I know our students will love using.

Thank you.

Cathy F.


I have included your wonderful site in a booklet of web sites I've prepared for a workshop. It's a site I plan to highlight.



I love your games.


I like Mathcats because I can do some arts and crafts things on your website. I found your website by searching "cats" using Google. I'm seven years old and I'm in Grade 1 in Victoria, BC, Canada. I am learning about subtracting and adding. I like cats because they're fun to play with, and they have cat food and cat toys.

From Catherine A.


I love your web site all it needs is games



I am Jasmin. I live in Eastford, Connecticut. I love your site! It really helps because my favorite animal is a cat!!



I heard about mathcats from my nephew. my son billy who is 11 years old has no school to go to. my nephew thought it would help billys education.


Hello, I am a substitute teacher looking for a possible teaching position next year in Massachusetts - I must say you have a very interesting, interactive website that I think is very good for learning - it is one of the best ones I have seen thus far



i love it thanks!



Hi Wendy,

I am a teacher. I teach second grade. I found your address through a reference to one of the list servs that I belong to.

I really like math and computers-I really liked what you have done with microworlds. In fact I downloaded a demo to try it out. I am familiar with Logo as I have a Masters in Instructional Technology and it was one of the courses I took. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Great to see the work done with MicroWorlds. I plan on enjoying my adventure.

Norma G.


Hi Wendy,

I am a member of the listserv. I am very impressed with the work in your site. I am going to link it to my site under the learning links.

Kathlene W.



Thankyou for a wonderful site. I found it highly educating. i am currently at Oxford university studying maths higher. It got me through the day. When i leave uni i plan to go to bolivia and become a monk. I will think of you when praying.

Thanks alot


Hello Wendy,

I visited your mathcats website and I'm very impressed with the content.. I'm amazed at how much information that is provided and the Microworld projects are great. I would like to reference your website in [a book on learning with technology]...

Joi M.


Hi Wendy

I learned about Math Cats from the list serve for second grade teachers. Your site is great!



i love your site it is so cute



I love your website! It is colorful and educational.

I am designing an online math course for sixth grade students. I am asking permission to link to your site "convert it" page for my students to check their work...

Llyn S.


Hi Wendy!

I found your site through an iwon search for math puzzles. Actually, iwon found me another site that I linked to Math Cats...

We are graphing math cats in Algebra this week (for those learning to graph - with difficulty) and will be using the repeating shape in art...

Thank you for a terrific resource! I look forward to the newsletters!

Sherry W.


I was so excited about finding this site from an internet search. My daughter is 8 years old in the 3rd grade and has been struggling with math. She loves cats so this will be a fun way for her to practice her skills over and over again. Tonight I had her work on money and she handled it beautifully. I am excited to use this site for my 5 year old daughter in the future as well. Keep up the fabulous work.

Amanda H.



I'm very impressed with what I see on mathcats. You're one talented individual. Your site was listed on mailring. It is a tremendously busy mailring and I would think that you received lots of hits because of that one email.

I teach 1st grade and will check back to get ideas and use your site.

Thanks again for all your hard work!
Joanne H.



I'm Deb B. from Michigan. I am a H.S. math teacher currently working in a very progressive Middle school. (My opinion!) I am always looking for fun educational activities for my students to stir their interests and provide skills and facts at the same time.

I have toned down some of my higher level activities to make them more appropriate for the age and ability level I am now teaching, but always welcome new ideas.

I came across your website in the "Instructor" magazine from Scholastic. They were featuring math sites. I looked at all that seemed at my age level, and when I saw your homepage with the crafts and other great ideas right away, I knew I would love it! Thank you.


Hi I like your website. It's sort of fun here. Can you make it even better than it is?

Well I'm going to Coolmath4kids!



My name is Pam B. I live in a suburb of Houston, TX. I have taught pre-school for the last 7 years. The place I work has recently decided to expand into elementary and I get to be the computer guru. We currently have one or two computers in each classroom and have a computer lab being built. The teachers that I work with have no clue how to integrate computer usage into their teaching. So I'm searching for resources for them - and yours is GREAT!

Happy new year!



I just love your web site. I teach a course on integration of technology in the curriculum and your site is a GREAT example. If you don't mind, I will be showing it to my next group.

... It is sites like yours that I hope would inspire them to try other means other than Microsoft software to complete their own web sites.

Barb G.

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