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Math Cats'
Math Crafts
These math crafts make nice gifts: you can turn them into ornaments or mobiles.
Little Village of Shapes village of shapes
Number City number city
Pencil Power pencil power
Polygon Airport pencil power
Empire State Toothpick pencil power
Symmetrical Butterflies symmetrical butterfly
Triangle Stand triangle stand  triangle stand with picture
thread design

...made from one very long piece of thread!

21-point thread design
Connect the Dots

- to make lots of tessellations

connect the dots   connect the dots
Tree of Hexagons tree of hexagons
Rotating Shapes rotating shapes
Hexagrams hexagram hexagram hexagram
Symmetrical Word Designs

mirror images and ambigrams

symmetrical words
String Art

(more ideas
coming soon)

string art
Make your own

- geometric
space forms -

Make Your Own Math Cats make a math cat
More math crafts are coming soon!


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