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Here is a small sampling of our 2008 mail.

Dear Mathcats,

I love your website it's the best!!!!!!!!!! My Mom Had a cat when she was little and I love cats too so we love your site! I love the games and I like the time calculators, jumping math cats and scardy cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael R., seattle wa.


Just wanted to say i googled 'odd and even numbers' and came across your webiste/contributions and just wanted to say thanks in advance for the stuff on here.

i live in the caribbean and my son has ADHD soooo i need all the inventive ways of getting stuff over to him!

keep up the good work.


Hello My name is Ina - Mari and i'm 11 years old.

I'm in Sunridge and when we had Maths my teacher explained tesselation's for us on your website. I wrote the website down {Because it was like so cool!!!} and then I came home. Then looked everywere that I could , and your website helped me... It will be sad if you stop this website because I love it... It started to improve my Maths!!!

Thank you!!!!

You are the Best

Ina Mari



In maths class today we had the laptops and could check out some maths sites...
I came across Mathcats, and I loved it! ^_^ I love the cat that follows you around the screen on Mathcats Love MicroWorlds, XD!

It's a good site, because it can teach kids maths in an interesting fun way and doesn't make it boring... like quite alot of other sites do.

Please keep updating, and don't let the site 'die', because I really like it! =3



Thank you for a marvelous site. I was at a loss for my son's geometry project on string art when I happened upon your site. What a wonderful teaching tool you have developed for students. I know I will direct all of my children to use your site if they need some help with Math. Thanks again.



2007 messages

main mailroom

2009 messages

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