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Here is a small sampling of our 2006 mail.

I love your website. I thought math was boring. But when I found your website I loved math. It took some time to find you. When I found you I was excited.I LOVE YOU MATH CAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Amber G.


Thank you all for being a part of my life I go on you sight every day when Im at school just to play around a little bit thank you all very much.

Panama City, Florida


dear mathcats you were my favoret thing to do in 3rd grade but now im in 6th grade but im getting a A+ in math!

concord CA USA


hi mats cats !! i just love your site. i like to work on your site. your site makes me an ever refreshing girl. i realy like your site cause i learn maths and i love cats and kittens

belgaum, karnataka, india


Hi Math Cats,

Your website is really cool I simply just luv your ideas and your games learning maths is so much easier and a lot more fun

with regards,
India (new delhi)


hi math cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so glad that im talking to you math cats are so powerful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love your thinking games because it was very very great!!!!!!!!! and i dont have cat but i love your site so be cool huh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nurul Natasya


Cats are amazing animals and are my very favorite. This is my first time i have visited Math Cats and out of all the cat websites i have seen, this is the most best one of all because its more kiddy sort of and the other cat websites are like grown-up stuff. I'VE FINALLY found one that sutes me right! It's great!

Jasmine B.
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


My husband and I are in our 60's, and you have taught us a lot in just a few minutes. Thank you, thank you. Keep up the great work.

Nana G.


I stumbled onto your site while looking up information concerning my cat.

Its a very nice little site that combines education with games. I had to peel my eight year off of it this morning to make her go to school. She wants me to bookmark it so she can play on it right after school.

Thanks for a fun new learning place.



Dear Maths Cats at night my cat sits on my lap and i log into your web site

Emily M.
pearth WA Astralia


Hello Math Cats

I am reely happy with your website. My friends and i are always on it, it has a different problem solving games and other games which makes it much more intresting. I do hope that this carrys on forever because i love it! by the way....i no you are reel cats because my mummy told me and whatever my mummy says is right! : )!!!

lots of love


Hey maths cats ! you're website is AMAZING !!!!! i absoloutely love it :D and i can't wait until i have my own children - then i can show them math cats too.

Gloucester, England


Dear Mathcats you truly are awsome. I love mathcats. I have always loved cats but now I love them even more! You are my favorite website right now and probably always will be for a looooooong time! Love ya kittykats see ya!

- - -

Dear mathcats you have made an insparatinal site here it is sooooo cool becuse i am good at math and everything but I just dont like it very much but you made it really really fun! whoever made mathcats THANK YOU and please never EVER quit becuse me and millions of other kids would defenatlily NOT like that at all! LOVE YA KATS!

- - -

Dear mathcats PLEASE NEVER EVER change. your website is Totally AWSOME just the way it is. I mean it is sooooooo much more fun WITHOUT all the games that most mathmatic websites have. yet it is without a doubt nothing but pure mathmatical fun! YOUR SOME SMART KITTY KAT KATS!

Erin L.
Houston, Texas

- - -


Dear Mathcats YALL ARE TOTALLY WICKED AWSOME! I love exploding math art it is sooooo cool! BYE KITTYS!

from a kid who loves this site more than ice cream (aka Erin L.), Houston, TX


I love going on math cats website it is so much fun sloving your problems. I all so lean a lot of new things a about the humun body. ever time are math lesson is a loud to go math games i all ways go on math cats. I love cats !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hello maths cat i am on your website for the week again seeing all of your new maths games you have got i like your website so much most other maths website are broing but your website is just so much fun

Isle of Wight


I hate Math. But Math cats makes it fun! I love cats we have 2. I love the fact that I can do Math Cats @ anytime anywhere! GO CATS!!

Jackson, Mich., USA


I love going on math cats website it is so much fun soloving your problems. I all so lean a lot a of new things about the human body. On a Friday we are aloud to go on mathes games i all ways like to go on maths cats

isle of wight


dear math cats i love your games and stuff and i can't get off because it is totaly fun

from elgan d
carmarthen, carmarthenshire, wales


I've never really liked math because it was always my worst subject. I could never go home and just study and memorize, it was (and still is!) difficult. But, on the day I was suppose to give my math presentation (I was SO nervous everyone had already gone before me and got low grades!) I showed my whole class your website, everyone loved it! It went great with my presentation and i was the only person to get a "100"!!!! Thanks Math Cats!!!

Love, Alexis
Sparta, WI USA


I AM SOOOOOOO IMPRESSED! I am going to recommend your site to David's teacher...I have bookmarked it and plan to go there OFTEN...just a few minutes with the bulletin board and I was hooked, have not even downloaded the plugin or tried any activities, David will LOVE them... have signed up for your newsletter and appreciate SO MUCH your efforts in sharing your passion and skill with the world. What a wonderful way to share your teaching skills!

I was a kid who struggled with math. In retrospect, this was partly because I was always a year behind my peer group chronologically (skipped a grade since I was a gifted reader and very verbally mature in 1st grade) and also partly because I never 'engaged' with math. (and perhaps a certain degree of 'dysteachia'!)

Your site not only excites me, but I'm beginning to look forward to 'doing math' over again with my son. I didn't learn to do arithmetic in my head until I had a job calculating punch cards in my early twenties...perhaps I may one day conquer functions and relations, too????

Alexis C.
Eagle Mountain, Utah, U.S.A.


Dear Math Cats,

I think your web is sweet.
And I did so research to find out about you and I didn't expet this good of a web but that change when I explored your web now I go on it all the time.

Your Friend,


love your website! :-)

Thank you for your wonderful ideas and games!!

I would love to see *even more* crafty math projects - ways to draw reluctant learners into enjoying math and learning thru hands-on creative projects :-)

I am a homeschooler, and I often recommend your website to moms with young "math anxious" kids. It really helps them to have fun with math for a change.

Keep up the good work! ;-)

thanks again
-julie k.
river falls, wi


Dear mathcats,

Hi! I'v never been on your web site for a year! I could not get on because my computer broke down. But I still love the fun stuff you have!!!!
My favorite thing to do now is the line-o-mathcats. I'm in 5th grade so now I can do some of the harder stuff!!!

I'm all paws,
Sara S.

P.S. I looooooooooooooooove math cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dear Math Cats,

I wish that I could stay on this website forever! It is so awesome! I love it because I always got Fs in math and now I get Bs !!!! I never got anything close to a B before I learned about this website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dayton, Ohio


Dear kats i think you are so cool. Your web-site can help alot of people cause it helps them with math and makes them smart and have intelligance. It gives them a great ssence of humor and so do you! You guys rock keep up the good work i think its prrrrrretty cool.

from your site lover Jessie!
Edmonton, B.C., Canada



I have been visiting your site for a few years, but have only looked at the age calculator(s)...... until now. Tonight I clicked on something by accident. (I'm not sure what) Anyhow, I started exploring the rest of the site. It is AWESOME!!! I home school my 12 year old son, and am going to turn him loose on your site tomorrow. I think he will have a blast and learn something interesting at the same time!! THANK YOU!!! The world needs more sites like yours!!

Raymond G.


Great Site!

Thank you for what you do. It's one of the most interesting and fun websites that I've seen in ages.

Best wishes,


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main mailroom

2007 messages

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