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Here is a small sampling of our 2007 mail.

Dear Math Cats I love your site I played it almost every day in third grade! My teacher that year was wonderful also I wanted to say that all of your games are both fun and educational which lets both the parent and child win equal happiness. Plus all of the drawing games let you play around and have fun but yet teach you important tips for art. And I wish you all at Math Cats a merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!

Christine The Math Cat Queen


Hi I think this program is awesome, us kids can learn more and more about math in school and out. This program will help are abiltyies to now what math is and also we wont be afraid to stand up in class and do a problem with out it beeing wrong. Thanks Math Cats for helping me and my gang to learn more about math.



dear maths cats.

I love your website! It is really cool. I'm not very good at maths but luckily a friend showed me your site. I really like looking at cats photos of the week.

cats are so cute! I've tried taking a photo of my cat but he never stands still. He is a fat tabby. We both love maths cats. thanks to your website I'm good at maths and in tests i got great grades, 4A! My cat is called ivana. He likes your website. I hope you can reply. BYE!

Zakkiyah R.
smll heath, birmingham


dear math cats,

  I think mc (math cat) is the greatest website I ever seen! You took my favorite animal (cat), but worst subject(math). I also like the way you put cat pictures each week. WHEN I GET HOME I WILL GO ON WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keren M.
Webster, Mass.


I've have been going to this site ever sense I was like 10. Now that Im 13, I've relized that this site helped me alot. Thank you :)



Your website is the best in the whole wide world of every single computer.

Fort Collins


I love your site and I git on your site every day.



Hi this a person that loves Math Cats so much she named here cat after the website!!!!!!!!

Mary M.
Saltville, VA


Dear Math Cats,

 I love your site it is the best I go on it every day even at school.

Amanda D.
Shelby, MT


I love your website it is awesome to me, it is cool to me i like it alot, i like writting to you, and doing the math. The Halloween Games i like to draw the most game i like is the one that has the goat, the wolf, cabbege the the best game i like the best i like doing the MathCats wih you so much thanks

From Samantha
Sacramento, California


Dudes, I have only been here once and I love it. This is better than a lot of all of the websites I have been given and it is even educational. I love yall guys!!!!!!!!!

Madison W.
Fairfield, VA


I am a kids middle school special ed teacher trying to learn the math I help kids try to learn. I love Math Cats!


math math logic logic this great i mean the cross the river thing is super it gets my brain thinking hard, my best friend Isabelle finds the crossing the river thing hard at first but as she thinks about it she GETS IT thats the same with me i hope you will make more games to keep your site going

Farah A. G.
Dubai, U.A.E.


dear math cats,

I love doing your activities. I am working on my Math Fun try-it for Brownie Girl Scouts. I think doing your activities is fun. I can't wait to learn more math with you.

Mill Hall, PA USA


Hi math cats i realy love youre website its cool wait a minute is not just cool its amaizing no its super amaizing anyways i have to log out and play with youre website i hope i see you some time.

Tiffany Amber
Hartford, Connecticut


Hello Math Cats. I know you get alot of feedback for your website, and I appreciate all the people that praise your hard work. It so cool to see something that is like nothing I've seen and I'm glad you have so many kids that want to learn and who want to be better in math. You even have some words that I'm confused on, being twelve years old. I hope your succesion continues for many years to come. And I'll visit every good time, especially when I need something to do. Good luck! 

Alberta, Canada


Hey i love your site it is so cool my math grade has been so bad but your site helped me get my grade up and its so fun i always thouhgt math was so boring i told all my friends they love it but i really dont like cats but now i love cats and math plus+math cats GO MATH CATS!!!

houston tx


Dear Math Cats:

 You have EXCITINGLY brought my math grades up! So I write this letter to thank-you for that

hamilton, ontario, canada


dear mathcats,your site is incredible. my friend shean wishes he wernt to old for math cats Hes in 11th grade Maybe u could make a site for older kids like middle scholl i bet theyed like the site.

bedford Iowa


Dear Math Cats You have helped me realize how muchfun math is. Now thanks to you I am really good at math. THANK YOU. 




2006 messages

main mailroom

2008 messages

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