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The Early Months

Math Cats quietly began to take shape in cyberspace beginning with the magic chalkboard on July 13, 2000. Members of the LogoForum mailing list were invited to visit Math Cats in a posting on September 22, 2000, beginning an ever-widening ripple of positive feedback. A member of the LogoForum passed the URL to a home-schooling parent (Marji), who passed it to two home-schooling lists. Math Cats was listed at Yahooligans beginning September 29, 2000 and began to be discovered by other search engines on October 22nd. Many visitors began to arrive through links from other sites and through postings by fans of Math Cats to chatboards and mailing lists.


What a beautiful job you did. I'm impressed. Thank you.

Marian R.
[one of the contributors to the Logo 15-word challenge, now posted in the Math Cats' Art Gallery]

9/25/00 [posted to the TAGMAX and SaintsandScholars home-schooling mailing lists]:

Great new site to check out:

- - - - - -
9/25 and 9/26/00, postings to the lists in reaction to Marji's message:

Cute site! Lot's of cute stuff already. I really like the logo pictures.

If at first you do succeed, try and hide your astonishment :)
- - - - - -
Great job Wendy!!

I'm going to show it to the kids -- I'm sure they'll love it.

- - - - - -
We were impressed with the graphics and we haven't even begun to explore the site. I'm passing this along to my local homeschool group. Thank you!

- - - - - -
This is amazing, Marji!!

- - - - - -
It was too late to let ds see it tonight but it's on our favorites now! I love it! I could have played with the turtlechase string art all night. I didn't get to finish exploring but it's calling us back for more. Great job!

- - - - - -
Add me to your mathcats Fan Club, Marji! What fun!



Kudos. Marji from TAGMAX passed along your url, and my kids (and I) can't believe what a cool site this is! It's great in that it appeals to non-mathophiles (me), young mathematicians (my 9 y/o) and my sons (14 and 18) who are taking calculus. THIS is extraordinary. THIS is going in my resource column that I write in the local home school newsletter -- with highest recommendations. I've already emailed it informally to my mathematical friends......Thank you SO MUCH for putting this together!

Ruth M.
Candidate for President of the Fan Club (MFC)





Hi! I'm Janelle B. I'm 10 years old. I live in California. My birthdate is 1/19/90. I love your website!!!! My dad thinks its great! It's sooooooo educational!



I love your website mathcats. I can't wait intel your pumcink game comes! I am going to play it when it comes out!!

eve204 and dmx504
ps: they are only nick names! We learned that never put your real name on the internet!
ps: If you did not konw we are two big kids.You know 8-10
ps: send us back something.


where is your directory of activities or games so that i have a starting place for the class?

Pamela R.
- - - - - -
Reply [after updating site in response to the message], 10/4/00:

This morning I added a site map to the Contents page (the page with archways just after the magic chalkboard). The site map presents a listing of the activities in each section. I hope this will help in navigating the site. You still need to go to the main page of each section in order to access the activities, because I wanted the layout to be graphically appealing for children. Please let me know if you have more input for improving the site!

Wendy Petti of Math Cats
- - - - - -
Thank you for your prompt responses -- your site will be shared with the five teachers that I team with in the hopes of making math more appealing & a success for these children - many are at a pre-primer level unfortunately. Again, many thanks.

Pamela R.

10/8/00 [after posting a link to Haunted Hill]

Every year our domain ( constructs a Halloween page and a Christmas page for the enjoyment of children and adults alike...

Congratulations on such an informative and enjoyable site, I was very impressed with the design and the wonderful experience...

If you don't mind, I would like to link the Math Cats home page in our Kids and/or Learning sections of our website.

Jacob C.


I love your site. I'd added it to my sons' study folders. The older one is interested in the LOGO, the younger in playing with everything on there. One is 12, the other 7.

I got your site from one of the many lists to which I'm subbed - TAGMAX, TAGPDQ, Gt-Families, Unschooling-list, or who knows what. I sent the URL on to several lists - TXGIFTS, G-HAH, TAFFIE (and all of the others except the one from which I got it) on Sept. 28 - here's the text of that message:

Here's a site y'all have got to try - check out the art section and the LOGO code for creating each of them - fascinating!

I hope you don't mind. The site is just wonderful and I thought the HS [homeschooling] community should have access to it.

Motherhood - not just a job, it's an Adventure!
- - - - - -
10/10/00 [after receiving a reply from Math Cats]

...I appreciate it! Several people in my HS support group are using this site with their kids, since I recommended it - anything that makes learning fun for the kids is worthwhile. My 7yo is very artistic, too, and loves the cats and the various shapes. My 12yo son is heavily into programming and is actually teaching the 7yo LOGO using those polyhedrons.

What fun! They don't even realize that it's educational.

Thank you for creating this resource for us,

Motherhood - not just a job, it's an Adventure!


Nice site with fun and education! Loved your contents graphics too. Congratulations on earning A School Zone Silver Award! Attached is an award gif.

Best regards,

Perenne R.
A School Zone (


What a cool site! You're a wonder woman! --Steve D

10/12/00 [after posting a link to Math Cats]

...I've had a blast looking at all the wonderful learning sites for kids, such as yours.

I look for sites that draw a child to action, to do something or to make something happen. I leave it to others to link the text-and-pictures sites that some adult thinks would be "good for children to know about this." I'm always looking for the "Oh, WOW!" factor, as I scientifically call it...

Nice chatting with you! Keep in touch. I love finding fun ways to "do math."

Ann Z.
A to Z Home's Cool Homeschooling


I found your site through the chatroom in and it completely blew me away! I have a web site for new teachers and would like to add it to my additional sites for students. What a great site for children! I am having a blast with it too and I am planning to send it to my grandchildren. Thank you.

Hannah M.
visit me at
- - - - - -
10/19/00 [after receiving a reply from Math Cats]

If I was impressed before, I am doubly so now! What a fantastic accomplishment for just one person! Do you have a background in education? You said, "I am trying to create open-ended math-related activities which stimulate thinking, as opposed to the drill and practice games which I find on so many math sites for kids." With such an enlightened view of learning, if you aren't a teacher - you should be. Actually, with this site, you are!

As far as your question... I think you would be wise to go with the second idea, that of having a page for parents and teachers. Your idea of targeting teachers and home schoolers is right on the money. Writing instructions to teachers as to how to use the activities is also a very good idea. Most teachers don't have a clue as to how to use the ideas you present. It would be a shame to have such a fine resource be relegated to an after-work pastime... Keep up the good work! I am telling the teachers in the schools that I volunteer at about your site and adding it to my site... I will continue to watch your site. Please add my name to your list of people who you will notify when you add something new.


10/20/00 [posted on the math chatboard]

Wonderful website

I just came across a math website that simply "blew me away!" It is called Math Cats and can be accessed at It is a new site. I contacted the webmaster and she said that she is going to be adding suggestions for teachers. Check this one out, and keep going back. I think you'll be glad you did.


10/20/00 [posted on the upper elementary chatboard]

Check out this math site...

Ran into this very well done math site---got technology grant for my classroom, learning as I go....

I have seven brand-new computers in my classroom this year and I'm trying to find all kinds of ways to integrate interesting activities in all subject areas using the computers. This site looks like it might be a great reward activity for children who finish early and I think they will enjoy the activities....anyone can give me feedback on what they think on this or experiences???? Seems like a well-done site from what I've had time to explore so far.

- - - - - -
Wonderful site!



I intend to add a link to your site. It's great! ...

Michael T.
[President of The Logo Foundation and a contributor to the Logo 15-word challenge, now posted in the Math Cats' Art Gallery]


I write a monthly newsletter for teachers, Pencil Points, and would love to include your "November Activity" post [at] in the idea exchange section of our upcoming November issue... I am also including your Math idea and a link to your Math Cats site. Thank you so much for these wonderful contributions.

Heather C.


Your site is soooo fantastic!!!!!!!! I will be sending the link to some of my favorite kids, teachers and parents!!!!!!

Martha T.


unbelievably cool! Thanks. Sent along to my niece whose eldest is interested in art and math.

P. P.


Your mathcats site is wonderful ....... I'm sooo impressed ..... Your exuberant creativity will energize the users ...... ( even the onlookers like me !) ..... This will take off like a house afire !! ... (I guess it already has !)

Cyn T.

10/29/00 [posted on the primary elementary chatboard]

Wendy P...I love your Math Cats website!!!! Thanks!!!!

by Tallytchr....


Thanks for the great sites...keep 'em coming!

I teach second grade in Tallahassee...but I do science and math workshops too and I love to share good stuff!

Betsy (Tallytchr)

10/31/00 [after posting a link to Math Cats from a school site]

I discovered your site while searching for those that I thought would be good for our students! I loved your graphics and all the neat activities that it has to offer. I hope more of our students take a look at your webpage... I will also let our teachers know about the teacher area...

Sarah J.
Literacy Coordinator, Glendale Elementary School
East Peoria District #86, Illinois


My name is Charlotte and I am 8. I really like your website.


11/05/00 [posted on the primary chatboard at, responding to a post about using magnetic strips with math manipulatives... read it here!]

Magnetic Personality :)

You are awesome. Right on! to Hands on! As a Montessori teacher I have concrete materials for every concept in the curriculum. I love your use of magnetized strips, especially since I am now teaching in a special needs class and adaptation is the name of the game. I am heading for Home Depot today!

And the balance of the use of materials combined with the extension of the use of the same material on the computer is just what our kids need. You seem to have solved the dilemma of hands on v. computer. We need them both!

My daughter and I love to visit your site. Do you use your own online site in your classroom?

I think you should give Bill Gates a call :)

Ellen... Montessori Early Intervention 3-6

11/05/00 [posted on the primary chatboard at]

Wendy P.--Loved

Wendy-Thanks for posting Math Cats. I've been looking for some sites to put on my homework grid that would not take long to maneuver around. Fun site. Thanks!

Tina in OK


Your website is so fascinating. It's really eye catching.

Big Fan


We believe your web page is a site that our teachers might like to visit. We found it contained information that is both useful and interesting to our participants. We serve teachers and administrators at all levels of education. Your site will be listed as a direct link on our Hot Spots page for next month. After that, it will be placed on our Permanent Educational Resource pages by subject. Since we are featuring your site on our Hot Spots for December, you may notice higher traffic to your site as a result of its greater exposure on our web pages.

The School Page Team (



Your site is really great!! when I went to school and did MATH it was stressing with me plus everyone made fun of me because I took so long to answer and that made me hate MATH but now I think it is going to be okay because now I can practice on this site. I am so thankfull for this site.



...Thank you for making such a wonderful website for teachers to use!

Angela L.


My name is ------------------- and I like your site. My mom loves it and if you want to e-mail me, you can at [____]! Thank you.

from ----------------


Hello from The School Page,

The team responsible for awarding the School Page's Web Site Excellence Award wants to let you know that your site has been chosen as a recipient. This means that you web site has been found to be among the best on the web.

The selection criteria we used were:
1. The major focus for the site is education.
2. The audience is either teachers or students, at any age level.
3. The site is content oriented.
4. It is a non-commercial site.
5. It is visually appealing and interactive.
6. It is "Kid-Safe".
7. It exhibits that "something extra".
You may notice higher traffic to your site as a result...

The School Page Award Team




Selected Site of the Month

--> MathCats <--
A fun math site for elementary kids. Be sure to try the Polygon Playground.


Gisele Glosser


I would like to know if it is OK if I put a link to this great site on my second grade class web page...

Mrs. R


love your site, especially for my second graders. But there's a mistake in your math facts pertaining to geography (which I will use for my weekly geography question at my school's website). Everest is no longer 29,028. IT GREW!(Plate Techtonics). But I'm not sure of the latest measurement. I'm so sad it changed. The old number was such an easy pattern to remember.

So happy to be of help!

Stephanie R.

- - - - -


I LOVE your site! I've spread news about it to all my primary teacher co-workers at school. Can we put it on our school site? Our focus this year is on math. I found the North Caroline math site from your letters and my entire school is SO impressed with it. THANKS SO MUCH! And anyone who responded so quickly to my Mt. Everest correction has to be nothing short of wonderful!

Stephanie R.


hi your web sight is soo cool

Ashley W.



I like your art gallery, especially the bow ties, stars and spirals. I hope you have a good winter.



One of the papers here 'The St. Petersburg Times' has a weekly technology section. One of the features is a list of useful, interesting, quirky etc. sites.

I sent them the URL for Math Cats...

Frank C.

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2001 messages

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