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What a Crowd!
Guess how many people are in each crowd... from 15 up to 2,000! The closer your guess, the more points you earn. What a Crowd! overview
Coin Flipper
(75K... see AOL note)
Flip a cyber-penny 100 times. Control the speed with a slider. The project records the flips on two graphs. Great way to study probability! Coin Flipper overview
Multiply It
A rectangular grid keeps changing its shape as you drag two sliders to make new multiplication facts. Multiply It overview
Multiplication Rods
Illustrate multiplication problems with online "Cuisenaire rods." Multiplication Rods overview
Multiplication Grid
(148K... see AOL note)
Place 100 number squares in their correct places on a grid. For each right answer, a little frog hops. Multiplication Grid overview
Using Money
(227K... see AOL note)
Practice counting money and making change. (When you're right, the money does a quick dance!) Using Money overview
Broken Calculator
shared by Garry Clark of Armidale, Australia
Find different ways to display numbers while avoiding the "broken" keys on the calculator. Broken Calculator overview
Subtraction Quiz
shared by Garry Clark of Armidale, Australia
Solve subtraction problems. You may use the project's base 10 blocks to help you picture the problems and make trades. Subtraction Quiz overview
Card Trick
(152K... see AOL note)
shared by Daniel Ajoy of Quito, Ecuador
The computer guesses the card you have chosen after shuffling the cards 3 times and asking you which row your card is in. Card Trick overview
Polygon Maker
Draw multi-sided spirals and nesting polygons! Polygon Maker overview
Create symmetrical designs.
Choose your line(s) of symmetry and your drawing method: turning the turtle or using graph coordinates.
Symmetry overview
Pattern Blocks
(89K... see AOL note)
Create designs with pattern blocks -- make tessellations! Create an online slideshow. Pattern Blocks overview
Create multi-colored designs resembling string art. Turtlechase overview
Linking Circles
Set the size, thickness, and overlap of three interlocking circles. Linking Circles overview
Draw Dots
Fill the screen with multi-colored dots. Make rainbows as the dots follow your mouse. (Mac version makes squares.) Draw Dots overview
Create lots of heart designs in many colors, sizes, and arrangements. Hearts overview
(156K... see AOL note)
Create randomly-generated snowflakes! Try to guess what angles the computer used to make the flakes, then find out if you're right. Control the speed of snowflakes falling from the sky. Snowflakes overview
Olympic Rings
Create linked Olympic rings. Control the size with a slider. Olympic Rings overview
Yehuda's Robe
Draw fascinating robe-like shapes made of hundreds of colored dots. Control 4 variables with sliders. Yehuda's Robe overview
(152K... see AOL note)
Illustrate equivalent fractions with grids and pie slices. Fractions overview
Silly Recipe Machine
The silly recipe machine invents crazy recipes by choosing random words from hidden textboxes. You can add your own ingredients to the machine! Recipe Machine overview
Riddle Machine
The riddle machine asks number riddles at random and then gives you the answers. You can add your own riddles to the machine! Riddle Machine overview
Dancing Cat
(205K... see AOL note)
Make Bradley's cat dance and do exercises! Dancing Cat overview
This little inchworm can measure any marigold! The project plays the "Inchworm" tune while scrolling the words, too. Inchworm overview
Flying Witches
Steer three witches with a slider. Can you make them fly in circles? Flying Witches overview
Spider Web
Make your own geometric spider webs with online string art. Spider Web overview
Swarm of Bees
A swarm of bees follows a boy as he wanders randomly. Control the bees' speed with a slider. (Student-created, with teacher support.) Swarm of Bees overview
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