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Math Cats'
Art Gallery

The drawings in this math art slideshow were created as part of a friendly Logo-L contest in the spring of 1997. Each was created in 15 words (or fewer) of Logo! They are presented here with the permission of the participants.
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"Math Cat Blasting Off"

Dear math cats,
I think your company is neat, so I drew and colored a picture of a cat getting shot out of a cannon, because I went to the circus about a week ago and it inspired me with the human cannon. Here it is!

Noah Fotis, age 7, Hampton, Virginia
March 6, 2004

Dear Math Cats,
I made this picture of a cat who got an A Plus on his math test. I'ist he cute!?

your friend, Sara S., age 8, Hillman, Michigan
March 7, 2004

Ballet Cat
by Emma, age 7, Radlett, England
January 21, 2004

by Ariel Jackson, age 7
January 5, 2004

by Anika N., age 8, Geneva, Illinois
November 12, 2003

by Marisa, age 8
Tignall, Georgia
November 5, 2003

by Kaylin E., age 9
Roundup, Montana
November 10, 2003

by "cat lover," May 8, 2003

Angel Cat
by Megan F., age 9, Woodbine, Georgia
June 26, 2002

by Victoria, age 13
Mountain Home, Idaho
June 24, 2002

Triangular Cat
by Jasmin Floyd, age 9
Eastford, Connecticut
June 2002
Click the link to see Jasmin's homemade greeting cards!

Einstein Kitty, by Diomira K.
East Greenville, Pennsylvania, July 30, 2001
cat on a 4
This beautiful cat has been shared with Math Cats by Kimberly D. Bair, a home-schooling mom. Please click her name to visit her site and drop her a line to say thanks!

Riley the Cat
by Emily R.
June 27, 2001
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