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fractions overview
fractions overview
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You can use this project to create pictures of fractions. The first page of the project uses grids and the second page uses pies. The instructions for creating fraction pictures are below the project.

On the grid page, you may switch between a big grid and a little grid by clicking the "change_grid" button. You may drag the small gray square to any location on the grid, then click a color to fill that square of the grid with the color you have chosen. After the square is colored, the gray square moves automatically to the next square, so it is easy to fill many squares by clicking on one color repeatedly.

To make a picture of 1/3, you might fill one square with green and the next two squares with yellow. You can show that 1/3 = 2/6 by coloring three more squares in the same way, right below the first three squares, so that you have a total of six squares: two green squares and four yellow squares.

Click on the "fraction.pie.pieces" button to switch pages. On the pie page, you may switch between different numbers of pie slices by clicking anywhere in the circle. Each click on the pie changes the number of slices. When you have found the number of slices you want, click the "save_this_pie" button. Click on the turtle to change its color. Drag it where you want. Click the "fill_slice" button to fill that slice with the turtle's color.

If you want to print your fraction pictures, the best way is to take a screenshot of the project, paste it into a drawing program, crop it, and then print it.

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