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Broken Calculator

shared by Garry Clark*
Armidale, Australia

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broken calculator overview
broken calculator overview and screenshot
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Click the "on" button, then display the number shown without using the "broken" calculator key(s). You might use the +, -, x or ÷ keys. How many ways can you build the number? Record your solutions on a piece of paper. (Scroll down to learn about a great CD full of activities like this!)

* Garry Clark, a lecturer at the University of New England's School of Education in Armidale, Australia, has put together a CD of 93 stimulating mathematical activities which help develop math concepts and strategies along with math skills. Most of these activities (including the Broken Calculator) are presented in the same spirit of open-ended exploration that we Math Cats love so much! We highly recommend this CD. Click here to learn more about Garry Clark's Mathematical Activities CD or to place an order.
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