contents Little Village of Shapes crafts

Mix and match shapes to make a village!


  • Tape
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Multi-colored construction paper

  1. Draw and cut a sun. Glue it to the back of the cardboard.
  2. Draw and cut clouds. Glue them to the board.
  3. Draw and cut green squares to make the square house.
  4. Make a purple rectangle for the door.
  5. Draw and cut purple rectangles and triangles to make the triangle house.
  6. Make a green rectangle for the door.
  7. Draw and cut red circles for the roof and floor of the circle house. Cut a long rectangle and curve it to make a cylinder.
  8. Cut a yellow circle for the door.
  9. Attach all three shaped houses to the board with tape and glue.
  10. Make people for your village.

  • Try changing the height and width of your houses. For instance, you could make a tall, skinny cylinder and a short, fat cylinder.
  • Try flat roofs, peaked roofs, and pointed roofs.
  • Try putting a roof of one shape on top of a house of a different shape.
  • Can you use one long rectangle to form all of the sides of a square house or a triangle house?
  • See Number City for another math craft of paper buildings.
This math craft was created in January 2004 by Erika V., grade 5,
Philip G. Vroom Elementary School, Ms. Geis's class, Bayonne, New Jersey, U.S.

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