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big grid of dots
tiny grid of dots

Click and print the big or tiny grid of dots. Connect the dots to make a tessellation (a repeating pattern of shapes which fit together perfectly). Look at the pictures below to get started. There are many many more ways to connect the dots to make repeating patterns. How many ways can you find?
You can make shapes which form diagonal patterns, like these two L-shaped designs. How will your design look with 2 colors? 4 colors? more?
These two designs are formed from the same pattern of cross shapes. Coloring them with two or three colors makes the patterns look different.
These two designs use the same pattern of T shapes and upside-down T shapes. The two colors are arranged in different ways.
Here are two more ideas, based on an "S" shape and a "C" shape. The second pattern uses reversed shapes to interlock with the C shapes. How would this pattern look with 2 or 3 colors?
These two patterns connect some of the dots diagonally. The second design uses two different shapes in a repeating pattern. There are many other ways to make a tessellating pattern with two different shapes.
You don't need to fill the whole grid with a pattern. Try coloring part of the grid and then cutting it in an interesting shape.
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