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You can turn names or other words into symmetrical designs using reflection or rotation. Click on one of these samples to learn how.

The word itself is not symmetrical, but it is paired with its mirror image to make a symmetrical design.


This word is an ambigram -- it looks exactly the same upside-down.


1) Fold a piece of colored paper in half, lengthwise. Unfold.

2) Using a thick marker or the edge of a small piece of chalk or crayon, write a word or name in large thick letters on the upper half of the paper, along the fold line. You may write in print or cursive letters. Do not extend any letters beyond the fold. (You might choose to keep the paper folded.)
3) With the paper folded in half, cut around your name. Do not cut where your name touches the fold. You may leave a little extra paper around the edges of your name or trim the paper close to your letters. If you printed your name, you may end up with several cut-outs, unless you connect the pieces while cutting. Either way is fine.
4) Unfold your name to see the mirror image. If you used chalk, you may wipe away the chalk writing. Otherwise, the upper half will be in the color of your marker or crayon, and that is fine.

This name was cut with extra space around the writing.

This name was cut close to the writing.
5) Glue or tape your name onto a paper of a different color. (If you have several pieces of your name, fold the new piece of paper in half or draw a faint line across the paper, then line up the folds of your cut-out letters along this line.)
These two symmetrical name designs were created by students of Brian Lewis at Feagin Mill Middle School in Warner Robins, Georgia.

Now learn how to make ambigrams which look exactly the same when rotated upside-down. (This one says W. Petti and was designed by Erich Friedman.)   Click the design!
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