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Roughly how many words are there in the English language?
How much would a stack of $1 bills one mile high be worth?
A drinking straw holds 7.7 ml of liquid. How many strawfuls would it take to fill a 34-gallon bathtub?
How much does a ten-gallon hat hold?
How many cookies will the average American eat in a lifetime?
How much soda does the average American drink each year?
A typical U.S. grocery store in 1928 carried about 870 items. How many items were carried in super-size supermarkets in 1998?
How many pounds of earthworms can you expect to find in an acre of fertile soil?
In 1970, $1 (U.S.) would buy 350 Japanese yen. How many Japanese yen could you get for $1 today?
How much water does a washing machine use for one load of wash?
How much water is used to clean one load of dishes in a dishwasher?
How much water is used by the average American every day (for cooking, washing, flushing, watering the lawn)?
If you counted one grain of sand every second, starting on January 1, 2000, when would you finish counting one billion grains?
How many pounds of potato chips are consumed by Americans on Super Bowl Sunday?
The first large-scale electronic computer was built in 1946 and could multiply about 3,000 numbers in one second. How many mathematical operations can be done in one second by the computer at which you are sitting?
How many minutes are there in one day?
How many items are in a gross?
Pi is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. (If you multiply pi times the diameter, you'll find the circumference. If you divide the circumference by the diameter, you'll find pi.) What is the value of pi, to the first 20 decimal places?
How many degrees are in a circle?
How many degrees are in one quadrant?
How many degrees are in a straight angle?
There are 360 degrees in a circle… how many minutes  are in one degree?
On September 14, 2005, a truck carrying 39,000 pounds of new Kansas quarters caught fire and spilled its load, worth about $800,000, onto a highway in Alabama. How much is a pound of quarters worth? Given that there are 4 quarters in each dollar, about how many coins are there in a pound of quarters?

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