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Math in Astronomy  

How long does it take for the planet Mercury to orbit the sun?
How far is it from the Earth to the moon?
How many stars can be seen using just one's eyes (no telescope) on a very clear night?
A light-year is the distance light travels in one year… but how far is that?
How many days does it take for Mars to orbit the sun?
If the sun were a hollow shell, how many Earths could fit inside it?
How much of the sun's energy output reaches Earth?
What is the diameter of the sun?
The sun is constantly transforming hydrogen gas into helium gas through nuclear reactions (while releasing a small amount as pure energy). How much hydrogen gas is transformed in one second?
How fast does light travel?
During the Apollo 17 trip to the moon in December 1972, Capt. Eugene Cernan and Dr. Harrison Hagen Schmitt spent more time on the surface of the moon than any other humans. How long did they stay on the surface of the moon?

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Math in Astronomy

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