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Math and the Human Body  

How many muscles are there in a human body?
How many cells are there in an adult human body?
If you laid all of the blood vessels in a human body end to end, how far would they stretch?
How many red blood cells are produced by bone marrow each minute, in a human body?
How many red blood cells are there in a typical human body?
A typical adult heart pumps about 1/3 of a pint with every heartbeat, and pumps about 70 beats per minute (while resting) so about how much blood would an adult heart pump in a typical day?
How many bones are in a human skull?
About how much air does a person breathe every minute?
About how many people are killed by malaria every year?
A normal healthy human ear can hear sounds as low as 20Hz (20 hertz, or 20 vibrations per second). What is the highest sound level which can be heard by a normal healthy human ear?

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