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Download Logo for Free!

If you don't already have a version of Logo on your computer, we hope you'll download one. It is fun to enter the one-line codes from the 15-word contest and watch each picture get created. Often you can get a very different effect just by changing one number. But the one-line codes just give you a small taste of what is possible with Logo. Download one or more versions and start exploring! (If you need help getting started, go to the math cats' mailroom and send us a question.)

free versions:

MSWLogo (for Windows), developed by George Mills
MSWLogo (Italian) (for Windows), developed by Paolo Passaro
UCBLogo (for Unix, Windows, or Mac), developed by Brian Harvey
Turtle Tracks (for any platform with Java)

commercial versions (some versions have a free demo period)
all include full multimedia features, shape editor, dynamic turtles:

MicroWorlds (for Windows or Mac), developed by LCSI -- includes browser plug-in, graphics center, textboxes, buttons, sliders, music, parallel processing of multiple turtles, ability to program colors and keys. available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, or Portuguese
Terrapin Logo (for Windows or Mac) -- includes multivoice music
Imagine Logo (for Windows), developed by Logotron in the U.K.-- includes true object-oriented programming, Internet multicomputer cooperation, browser plugin, option to create standalone executable files. Based on the SuperLogo environment (formerly Comenius Logo).

other versions of Logo (not really for traditional Logo activities):

StarLogo (for Windows and Mac), developed by Mitch Resnick of the MIA Media Lab -- massively parallel (thousands of turtles) simulation language
NetLogo (any platform with Java), developed at Northwestern U. -- descendent of StarLogo

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