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NLVM's Fractions Equivalent Applet
The computer selects a fraction and asks you to find an equivalent fraction as you use controls to place another layer of fractional pieces on top of the first fraction.

Math Playground's Fraction Bars
Compare up to four fractions of your choice by splitting each bar into parts and selecting the number of parts to color.

Illuminations' Equivalent Fractions
Find two equivalent fractions for a given fraction by dividing two other shapes into parts and coloring parts while arrows point to their values on a number line.

Fraction Bars Applet (Virtual Fractions)
This applet lets you compare up to five fractions, decimals, and/or percents, but it's a bit clumsy to set up.

lesson to accompany the Virtual Fractions Applet

Math Playground's Equivalent Fractions
Find a fraction between two given fractions by using virtual fraction bars to visualize equivalent fractions with a common denominator.

Illuminations' Fraction Game
Try to move your markers across fraction tracks using the fewest number of fraction cards.

NCTM Fraction Model Applet
(representing fractions, decimals, and percents):

Fractional Hi-Lo
Practice comparing fractions as you try to guess the mystery fraction and find out if each guess is too high or low.

Web Math:

Old Egyptian Math Cats Fractions
Solve fraction puzzles the way the Egyptians did - using only numerators of 1.


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