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November 2004 - January 2005
Math Cats
Writing Contest:

The contest rules were:

Write a math ad!  Help "sell" math!  
You can advertise anything related to math, such as:

  • an operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division)
  • a broad topic (such as geometry, measurement, problem-solving)
  • a specific topic (such as fractions, decimals, percents, integers)
  • a math term (such as octagons or the equals sign)
  • a math tool (such as money, a ruler, a clock, a balance scale)
  • or a special number
Write a catchy headline and some lively sentences or phrases.
It would be great to include a drawing.

We kept this contest open for three months, but we never got jump-up-and-down excited about any of the entries. We received quite a few entries that were stories, not advertisements. While we did not find prize-winning entries, we do think 3 of them are worthy of "honorable mention:"

Honorable Mention:
          "2" Cool??? We'll See...!!! - by Keylee D. Mori-Ramos
          Protractor-tastic! A way to measure angles! - by Alison W.
          Three is THE Magic Number! - by Irene W.

* Honorable Mention:

"2" Cool??? We'll See...!!!
by Keylee D. Mori-Ramos
age 12, grade 7, Schweinfurt Elementary School, Mr. Gillis's class
Schweinfurt, Germany

You know, you may think that you are too cool to be using the number 2, or that you are too old... maybe it is more interesting to be using 3.14. But don't just block it out, use it "2"!!!

How many shoes do you know you have to find in the morning when you're late for the bus? TWO!!!!

In your math class, on the quiz on long division, you need to know how many times 250 goes into 500... TWO!!!!!!!!!

During open-house, when you are showing your parents your self-portrait from the other side of the glass wall, you need to tell them that it is TWO rows down, and TWO rows across from the portrait that the girl is holding TWO flowers.

Now what would you do if you never used 2??? Now, for that, we'll have TWO seconds of silence...**1**...**2***...!!!!!!!!!

For more information, dial 555-222-2222. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Protractor-tastic! A way to measure angles!
by Alison W.
age 10, grade 5, Muhlenberg School, Mrs. Fox's class
Allentown, Pennsylvania, U.S.

90 degrees = a right angle??? How is that right? Is that its temperature or something? NO, of course not! It's the measure taken using an amazing instrument called a PROTRACTOR!

The best thing about these measuring marvels is that they are unseasonably CHEAP! Even the most expensive models are under $2.00!

Fun, fashionable, affordable.
3 characteristics of the protractor that truly make it "Protractor-tastic!"


Three is THE Magic Number!
by Irene W.
age 11, grade 6, Bethany Morrison Academy, Miss Chambers' class
Taipei, Taiwan

Ever feel like you are missing a special number? Well, we've got the one that will make your life complete! 3, the magic number!

How many lives does a cat have? 3 x 3 lives!

Also, a 3 colored cat is considered lucky! Any other number of colors is considered normal.

How many people does a typical family have? 3! The father, the mother, and the child.

Call 333-666-999 and get the number that will fulfill your life to its fullest!

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