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of the
April 2004
Math Cats
Writing Contest:

The contest rules were:

What would you put in a yummy new recipe? Tell us the ingredients, the amount of each ingredient, and the steps for making the recipe.

You might want to try out your recipe to see if it really tastes good. (Please tell us if you have tested the recipe!) Or you might want to make up a silly recipe with all of your favorite foods. Be creative!

The cats at Math Cats were the judges this month! That means that we got more excited by "Bird Stew" than "Chocolate Chocolatey Deluxe." There were lots of recipes calling for lots and lots of chocolate and candy and ice cream and other sweet things to be stirred together. After awhile we found ourselves meowing, "NO MORE SUGAR!!!"

But we did choose a few sweet recipes to share with you. And how could we resist entries like "Recipe for Math Success," even if you can't eat it?

So here are our choices. And all we can say is, "Yummy, yummy!"

First Place - "Recipe for Mouse" - by Madeline Pilato
Second Place - "Cool Cat Cookie" - by Nicole Chodora
Third Place - "Spider Cracker Sandwich" - by Brenna R.

Other Finalists:
     Recipes for Cats
     Recipes for Humans
     Recipes You Can't Eat

We're helping a special friend of Math Cats, too!

* First Place:

Recipe for Mouse
by Madeline Pilato
age 9, grade 4, homeschooled, New London, Connecticut, U.S.


1 mouse
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
1/4 teaspoon basil
1 1/2 cup whole parsley
1 teaspoon lemon juice

Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Coat mouse with lemon juice and sprinkle salt, pepper, and basil.
Bake for 7-10 minutes or until golden brown and baked through.

For easy recipe, kill mouse and serve immediately.

(Under these circumstances I didn't try my recipe.)


(The judges felt that this story was the clear winner. Yum, yum.)

* Second Place:

Cool Cats Cookie
by Nicole Chodora
age 9, grade 4


three gumdrops: two either brown or green and one pink or red
one giant suger cookie
black cake frosting
two sticks of black licorice

Directions: Put your two brown/green gumdrops near the top of the cookie as eyes. Put your pink/red gumdrop in the middle of the cookie as a nose. Use the black frosting to make a mouth and put a dab of it on each eye as the pupils. Cut both of the licorice sticks into thirds and put on each side of the nose as whiskers.


(How could we resist cool cats cookies???)

* Third Place:

Spider Cracker Sandwich
by Brenna R.
age 8, grade 2, Clark Elementary School, Mrs. Anthony's class
Webster Groves, Missouri, U.S.


Two crackers
Straight pretzels
Peanut butter
Half a strawberry

Take two crackers and put peanut butter. Put other cracker on. Then stick 4 straight pretzels on each side. Then use raisins for eyes, nose and mouth. Last put half of a strawberry on top.


(Mmm, yummy spiders...)

* Other Finalists:

*Recipes for Cats

Bird Stew
by Ryan H.
age 10, grade 4, Rochester Memorial School, Mr. Davingon's class
Rochester, England

one bird
9 sausages
10 meatballs
25 ants
2 angel hair pasta packages
13 cans tomato sauce
5 cans chicken sauce
9 spiders
10 hot sauce packages
12 spoonfuls of mayonnaise
100 scrambled eggs

Sparrow Web Soup
by Nathan H.
age 11, grade A, St. Gregory's School, Dr. Waterton's class
Warrington, England

2 sparrows' beaks
10 medium spiders webs
1 litre of water (COLD)
4 teaspoons of red food colouring
1/2 litre of green mossy pond water

Just simply grind together and boil on gas mark 7 for 10 hours.
Feeds 4 average cats.

Tuna Water
by Samantha C.
age 9, grade 4, Thurmont Elementary School, Miss Woodward's class
Thurmont, Maryland, U.S.

- Tuna
- A glass of water
- Spoon

First, you open the tuna and put it in the water.
Second, wait for 20 minutes, then take the tuna out of the water with a spoon.
Third, drink.

* Recipes for Humans

Biome Jello
by Forrest
age 11, grade 6, San Diego School, Clark's class
San Diego, California, U.S.

Make 2 boxes of blue jello (follow directions on box).
Spray a round mold with nonstick spray.

Before cooling add:
Gummy fish and sharks
star shaped candies

After it has set up:
Take a container of Cool Whip, add one drop of blue food coloring and mix. When you are ready to serve the jello, put it on a plate then slather the Cool Whip on. Sprinkle clear candy or sugar crystals on the top. There you have your aquatic biome with sea foam.

Candied Cookies
by Caitlin L.
age 12, grade 7, Soldiers Memorial Middle School, Lynn Barnard's class
New Tazewell, Tennessee, U.S.

The materials you will need are as follows:

First you need to put at least 2 or 3 cups of butter pecan ice cream or pick any kind of ice cream.

Then, in a separate bowl, crush some Reese's Pieces or Reese's Peanut Butter Cups in the bowl. Then into that, crush some simple Chips Ahoy cookies, 5 is the exact amount. After that, add 5 crushed Oreo cookies to the mix.

Then, in a separate container, put about 2 cups of marshmallows and 2 big spoonfuls of coconut shavings into the container. Then put a half of a Hershey's chocolate bar into it. Then, pop it into the microwave for 1 1/2 minutes.

After you take the mix out of the microwave, let it set for about 30 seconds. Then put it into your first mix. After adding that, you pour any syrup to your liking onto the top of your first mix. I usually use caramel syrup on my Candied Cookies.

Then, after you put all of this together, stick a big spoon in this delicious dish and chow down, but try not to make a big mess. You wouldn't want to get in trouble.

Coookie Pizza Delight
by Keyla Dalee Mori-Ramos
age 11, grade 6, Schweinfurt Middle School, Ms. Maka's class
Schweinfurt, Germany

You'll need:

1 box of chocolate chip oatmeal cookie mix
1/2 cup peanuts or walnuts
1 tube of red frosting
1 tube of yellow frosting
1/2 cup dried prunes, cut into fourths

How to make it:

1) Prepare the cookie mix as directed on box.
2) Place all of your batter on a cookie sheet and roll it into a thin circle with a roller.
3) Use the red frosting to make small circles (pepperoni) on the batter.
4) The dried prunes are the sauseges, and they go scattered around the batter, too.
5) Next, put the walnuts (or peanuts) all around. (Ham)
6) The final thing on your pizza will be the yellow frosting. (pineapples)
7) Now place it in the oven as directed on the box.

Peanut Butter Shake
by Emma B.
age 8, grade 3, Lake Bonavista School, Ms. Spicer's class
Calgary, Canada

1 cup of peanut butter
4 to 5 chunks of ice
1 cup of ice cream
1 teaspoon of sugar

Put in blender and blend.

Kids' Salad
by Hannah K.
age 8, grade 2, Clark Elementary School, Ms. Anthony's class
Webster Groves, Missouri, U.S.

Fruit Snacks
Granola Bars

How to make it:

Microwave the popcorn. Put popcorn in a bowl. Break up granola bars. Put granola bars in bowl. Put the fruit snacks and cereal into the bowl. Mix it up.

Egg Burrito
by Nina B.
age 7, grade 1, Clark Elementary School, Ms. Anthony's class
Webster Groves, Missouri, U.S.

What you need:

jelly (any kind)
one scrambled egg

Adults help if you are a kid. First you make on scrambled egg. Then you flatten the egg. After that you place the egg in the tortilla. Then you sprinkle sugar on top. Then you roll it all up and... Bravo! You have the Egg Burrito!

Orange Salad
by Zack and Megan D.
ages 7 and 9, grades 2 and 3, Hawkinins Elementary and Joseph Roberts School, Miss Holcomb and Mrs. Burton's classes
Wightsburg, Tennessee, U.S.

orange slices
shredded cheese

Christmas Trees
by Zhaodong Zheng
age 8, grade 3, Concordia International School Shanghai, Sandy Murphy's class
Shanghai, China

Melt 3 tablespoos of butter and 3 cups of miniature marshmallows. Stir. Remove from heat.

Add 1/2 teaspoon vanilla and 1/2 teaspoon green food coloring.

Fold in 4 cups Cheerios.

Cool. Butter hands. Shape 3/4 cup of mixture into a tree. Add gumdrop slices and a star on a toothpick.

Treasure Rice Krispies
by Margaret M.
age 12, grade 7, King George IV School, Ms. McCoy's class
Kenora, Ontario, Canada

1 cup Rice Krispies
1/4 cup jujubes
1/4 cup melted chocolate
1/4 cup nuts
1/4 cup dried fruits

Melt chocolate and combine ingredients. Cook for as long as desired. Bon Appetit!!

Recipe For A+ In Math Class Cookies
by Cynthia B.
age 9, grade 4, Heights Terrace Elementary School, Mrs. Trella's class
Hazleton, Pennsylvania, U.S.

1/2 cookie flour
24 A's
1 can of vanilla icing
1 can of sprinkles
1 oven plate
1 gallon of milk
2 eggs
1 bowl
1 spoon
1/4 sugars

First, preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Second, get one bowl and dump 1/2 of the cookie flour. Third, dump one gallon of milk in the bowl. Next, crack the two eggs one at a time. Dump them in the bowl. Then, add 1/4 sugars in the bowl. After, get the spoon and mix until nicely smooth. Next, get the oven plate. Make a cookie circle on the oven plate from the mix. Then, wait for eight to ten minutes.

Before the Final, get 1 can of vanilla icing and 24 A's. First, put vanilla icing on the cookies. Then, put 1 A on each of the cookies. Finally, add sprinkles.

Finally, you can enjoy eating them.


(We're not sure this recipe can be eaten... a whole gallon of milk??? Hmm, mighty soggy cookies, we think. But it's a nice lead-in to the recipes you can't eat, below.)

* Recipes You Can't Eat

Recipe For a Happy Life
by Michael D.
age 10, grade 4, Heights Terrace Elementary School, Mrs. Trella's class
Hazleton, Pennsylvania, U.S.

1 1/2 cups of a great dad
1 1/2 cups of a cool mom
1 cup of friends
4 pounds of money
6 cups of a family that loves you
1 3/4 cups of a fun brother
1 3/4 cups of a nice sister

First put 1 1/2 cups of a cool mom in and then put 1 1/2 cups of a great dad and mix to smooth. Then throw in 1 3/4 cups of a great brother. Now put in 1 3/4 cups of a nice sister.

Next you put in 6 cups of a family that loves you. Now put in 1 cup of friends. Put in four pounds of money and you have a happy life.

Recipe For Happiness Pie
by Colin S.
age 10, grade 4, Heights Terrace Elementary School, Mrs. Trella's class
Hazleton, Pennsylvania, U.S.

2 cups love
1 lb. peace
3 cups fun
4 tsp. laughter
5 lbs. family
6 cups friends
2 cups faith/hope

First, pour 6 cups friends, 2 cups faith/hope, and 2 cups love into a large mixing bowl. Stir until soft. Next, preheat the oven to 360 degrees F, put mixture into oven, and bake until golden brown.

After that, make crust: set 4 tsp. laughter, 5 lbs. family, 3 cups fun, and 1 lbs. peace into pie pan, then place into oven. Bake at 480 degrees F, till soft.

Finally, pour golden mixture into center of pie crust and let cool (mixture will slightly harden).

Smart Cake
by Stephanie E.
age 10, grade 4, Heights Terrace Elementary School, Mrs. Trella's class
Hazleton, Pennsylvania, U.S.

1 cup of smartness
1 tsp of health
1 tbsp of sugar
3 cups of water
3 tsp of niceness
11 tbsp of chocolate
2 tsp of math
1 tsp of spelling
3 tbsp of English
2 tsp of reading
1/8 tsp of social studies
2/8 tsp of science

First you put in one cup of smartness.

Then you put in 1 teaspoon of health. Next you put in 1 tablespoon of sugar. After that put in 3 cups of water.

Then you put in 3 teaspoons of niceness. Next you put in 11 tablespoons of chocolate. After that you put in 2 teaspoons of math. Then you put in 1 teaspoon of spelling. Then you out in 3 tablespoons of English, 2 teaspoons of reading, and 1/8 tps. of social studies. Next you put in 2/8 teaspoons of science. Finally put in the oven for 1 hour.

Recipe for Math Success
by Heather S.
age 14, grade 8, Morgan County R-1 School, Ms. Buck's class
Stover, Missouri, U.S.

1 pint creativity
2 cups patience
1 gallon studying
3 cups intelligence
1/2 cup study buddy
1 cup supplies
2 teaspoons common sense
1 bucket learning
2 cups being prepared

Add creativity, patience, with common sense. Put in a math class. Mix being prepared, learning, and intelligence together by electric mixer. Put over heat for 1 minute then add your creativity and common sense into heat too. Cook for 1 more minute then add studying and supplies. Cook for life then you'll have Math Success.

Recipe for A+ in Math Class
by Ciara Z.
age 9, grade 4, Heights Terrace Elementary School, Mrs. Trella's class
Hazleton, Pennsylvania, U.S.

1 1/2 cups of good behavior
2 tbsp of math work
3 pounds of homework
20 pounds of studying
1 apple pie for the teacher
30 pounds of paying attention
0 pounds of detention

First you try to be good. Then you do your math work. After that you do your homework. Then you must study. After that you make one apple pie for the teacher. You also must pay attention to the teacher and you can not get detention. Finally you bring it together and you have an A in math class.

Recipe for Getting A's in Math Class
by Meliza R.
age 10, grade 4, Heights Terrace Elementary School, Mrs. Trella's class
Hazleton, Pennsylvania, U.S.

3 pounds of homework
5 pounds of attention
7 half of work in class
2 pounds of behavior powder
1 half cup of study
8 pounds of organize materials
3 pounds of main ideas

First, you mix 3 pounds of homework, and 5 pounds of attention. You have to mix it real good. So when you mixed it real good add 7 half of work in class, and do not mix. The work has got to be in class to mix it with the ingredients. Make sure you have all three ingredients so far, okay. Let's keep on going. Add 2 pounds of behavior powder, and now mix it together. If your child got a test you need 1 half cup of study. Add 8 pounds of organize materials and 3 pounds of main ideas and you're all set.

* Prizes

The first place prize is a Math Cats T-shirt. The first, second, and third place entries receive Math Cats certificates. The other finalists receive a great big thank you!

* We're helping a special friend of Math Cats, too!

Wendy of Math Cats is making a donation to the IFOPA in honor of the winner and in honor of Jasmin Floyd, a young friend of Math Cats. You can learn about this worthy cause on the main contest page.

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