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An ambigram is a word or words written to look exactly the same when turned upside-down.

This ambigram has rotational symmetry.
Click here to try another math craft with rotational symmetry.

Here is how you can get started in designing your own ambigrams. We'll use the two words "math cats" as an example:
1) Type your word or words in the ambigram generator at the website. (The link will open in a new window. Close it to return to Math Cats.)

The ambigram generator will create a a version of your word(s) which looks the same when rotated 180 degrees.

This ambigram was created using
the Ambigram Generator at
2) The letterings designed by the ambigram generator are just rough suggestions. You can use them for ideas and then try different ways to write or combine the letters. We didn't really like the S and M so we tried some other ways which weren't as tilted. Our first two S's didn't look much like M's when rotated. We finally chose the yellow pair.
3) We thought we'd try writing the A and T in lowercase letters. Our first tries didn't look much like A's or T's. We finally chose the yellow pair. We drew an H and C almost like the ambigram generator did.

We used a drawing program to rotate a copy of each letter 180 degrees.

4) We put our version of "math cats" together and colored it so that it still looks the same upside-down.
More Ideas:

* Visit Erich Friedman's wordplay page, to enjoy many clever ambigrams displaying different kinds of symmetry. (It will open in a new window. Close it to return to Math Cats.)

* Design ambigrams for friends, family members, or teachers. They make great presents! You can turn them into ornaments or a mobile. You can decorate the top of a small wooden or cardboard box with an ambigram.

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