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"I made these sculptures with a 3D printing technique. It is done by a computer-controlled robotic device which builds up the shape in many paper-thin layers. There are several methods being developed by different companies around the world."
"The method I use lays down a thin layer of plaster powder, just one hundredth of an inch thick. Then it uses what is basically an inkjet printer to print a cross section of the shape with water. The computer calculates each cross section from a file I provide which describes the shape mathematically."
"After one cross section is printed, a squeegee device adds a thin layer of new plaster powder, still one hundredth of an inch thick, and the process repeats over and over. After many hours of building, the loose plaster is vacuumed away and what remains is my sculpture.

These sculptures were all made with the plastic powder method, but I have also had one design built by a machine which works with wax."


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