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"I Love Wood"
George Hart home keep going!

Do you work on just one sculpture at a time?

"I work on several at a time. Sometimes I get stuck on one. I've had pieces where I got stuck on it for more than a year. I knew I would finish it, but I wasn't sure how. So I had to think about it a lot."

"I like learning about new materials, but wood is probably my favorite. Wood doesn't rust; it doesn't break like plastic. You can see wooden things from centuries ago that have lasted well, that still look beautiful."

"It's fun to work with wood. It's hard enough that it keeps its shape but soft enough that you can shape it easily. I love the grains and the way that different kinds of wood can interact.

- Sylvester, get your tail out of that vise!"

"This is a radial arm saw. It tilts every possible way. It's great for larger pieces. That black hose is connected to a super-duper vacuum that sucks dust out of the air. I move the hose next to whatever I'm cutting."

"Midnight... look out for your tail!!"

Emily keeps Snowball safely out of the way.

Let's see more power tools!

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