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Math 4


Hints and Ideas:

* Create a "box" topped by a steel beam or a wooden beam. (You might need to patch the beam as it is falls from above to reach the vertical supports. That is part of the fun!)

* Fill the box with bubbles, so they don't float away.

* Then you can replace some of the bubbles with blue drops. They will be held in place by the bubbles instead of spilling.

* Or you could do this in reverse: fill the box with blue drops, then replace some of the drops with bubbles. Can you write a word in bubbles with a blue background?

* Just for fun... what happens if you remove one of the girder blocks from the top of the box?

* Can you make a bubble box supported by brick arches or yellow half-arches? Can you make an arch support so that you can remove a block from the arch without causing the whole thing to tumble? Fill the box with blue droplet blocks, then write a word with bubbles. What happens to your word if you remove a block to create an opening in a supporting arch?

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