OBBL Ideas
Brick Arches


* Some of the brick blocks have "glue."
The block of 2 half-bricks will support a half-brick on either side: or
The half-brick will stick to the block of 2 half-bricks , forming a whole brick which will not be pulled down by gravity:
Place a block of 2 half-bricks on top of a whole brick.
Place a half-brick next to the block of 2 half-bricks.
The half-brick becomes glued to form a new brick which cannot be pulled down by gravity.
* Fill the inner areas of the brick arches using two blocks:

* To build a wooden beam, start near the top of the white grid. You can create a long beam which stays "glued" together, if:
     -  the beam has closed ends     and
     -  both ends are supported underneath by other blocks.
It is fun to build a beam near the top and watch it fall until it reaches its supports.

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