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Beavers Use Stolen Money to Build a Dam!

"I'll chew the logs....."                     "I'll bring the sticks..."          

"... and I'll grab the stolen money!!"

Greenburg, Louisiana
November 15, 2004

A thief who stole about $70,000 to $75,000 from a casino - and then began to regret it - tossed three money bags into a creek, where busy beavers quickly began stuffing the stolen money between the sticks in their dam. When the thief's lawyer told police where the money could be found, the police could only locate two of the money bags. They started taking apart the dam to drain the beaver pond... Surprise!! They found thousands of dollars woven right into the dam! The bills were wet but whole - no missing nibbles!

All in all, the police found about $40,000 in the creek. (The thief had put the rest of the money in a safe deposit box in a bank, and he told the police where to find that money, too. About how much money should they find in the safe deposit box?)

The casino people are happy to get their money back... but too bad for the poor beavers who worked so hard just to see their beautiful green dam torn apart!

(Do you think the beavers really love money... or maybe just... paper??)

The Math Cats learned about these money-hungry beavers from CNN:

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