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(1) Simple Interest

Hannah borrows $6,000 from a moneylender to buy a super deluxe refrigerator. She has to pay back in three yearly installments of $2,000 each. The rate of interest is 10%

(a) the interest paid at the end of the first year.
(b) the total amount she paid at the end of the first year.
(c) the interest she paid at the end of the second year.
(d) the total amount she paid at the end of the second year.
(e) the interest she paid at end of the third year.
(f) the total amount she paid at the end of the third year.
(g) What is the total amount she paid for the money that she had borrowed???

(2) Test Results

I got 89% on my art test, 98% on my math test and 95% on my language test. What is the average of my test scores?

(3) My Tests

I got 73% on my reading test, 100% on my math test, 98% on my spelling test, and 87% on my language arts test. What is the average of my test scores?

(4) The Fair Place

Julie went to the fair and brought 2 friends. Her dad went with them.

Julie paid for her own tickets and Susan's tickets. Drake paid for his own tickets. And Julie's dad paid for his own tickets.

Kids' tickets were two dollars apiece per ride. For adults, they were three dollars apiece per ride.

Each kid got 5 tickets except for Drake who got 8. Julie's dad got 7.

(a) How many tickets were bought in all?

(b) How much did Julie's dad pay?

(c) How much did Drake pay?

(d) How much was paid in all?

(5) The Cube

If a cube 4cm by 4cm is painted red but then cut into 1cm cubic pieces, how many 1cm faces were painted red?

(6) Chickens

There were 500 chickens. Then 5 times as many more came. How many chickens are there now?

(7) Too Many Cats!

One day, I walked to the pet store. When I got in, I walked straight to the kitten section. I noticed that half of the cages had three cats each. There were 4 rows of 9 cages. All of the other cages had two cats in them except for four of them which had one cat in them. How many cats were there in all?

(8) Get to the Party

It is 15 miles from John's house to Mary's house. It is 17 miles from Kevin's to Mary's. If John is traveling at 14.5 miles per hour and Kevin is traveling at 16 miles an hour, and both boys leave their houses at the same time, which one of the boys will get to Mary's house first?

(9) Dogs and Puppies

There are 50 dogs. 19 of them had 14 puppies each. 26 of them had 15 puppies each. How many dogs and puppies are in all? How many dogs don't have puppies?

(10) 20 Friends and Their Money Problem

There are 20 friends who had 190 dollars each, but they each spent 95 dollars. How much money did they have all together at first, and when they spent $95 each, how much did they have left????


(1) Zeehan and (2) Brooke, age 10, grade 5, Falgarwood Primary School, Mrs. Novakovic's class, Oakville, Ontario, Canada, July 8, 2002
(3) Jordan, age 10, grade 5, Lincoln Elementary School, Mr. B's class, Lakewood, Ohio, U.S., July 26, 2002
(4) Nina, age 11, grade 6, home-schooled, Pensacola, Florida, U.S., July 30, 2002
(5) Nick H., age 12, grade 7, Saint Ignatius College, Mr. Holland's class, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia, August 15, 2002
(6) Jon, age 12, grade 7, September 30, 2002
(7) NinaKay, age 11, grade 6, homeschooled, Pensacola, Florida, U.S., October 3, 2002
(8) Johnny, age 13, grade 7, Lawrence Junior High School, Mrs. Hannah's class, Branson, Missouri, U.S., October 7, 2002
(9) Ria, age 10, grade 5, Chucker School, Ms. Meaner's class, Tickersville, Maryland, U.S., October 11, 2002
(10) Daphne T., age 12, grade 7, Middle School 197, Mrs. Kaminsky and Mrs. Singh's class, U.S., October 15, 2002

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