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(1) Eggs

Twenty-four of the eggs in the crate were cracked. This was 1/6 of the total number of eggs in the crate. How many eggs were in the crate? What percent of the eggs in the crate were not cracked?

(2) Number Puzzle

Can you find the value of X, Y, and Z to make this problem true?

  X Y Z
-   Z Z
    X Y

(3) Mama's Meal

Mama cat went to Shaw's to get some food for her kittens. She got 5 cans of tuna, the manager's special, for $1.95 a can. Next, she got 3 dozen mice for $3.50 every half dozen. Finally, she got 3 birds for $9.95 each. How much did Mama cat spend on this scrumptious meal?

(4) The Snowmobiles

The first snowmobile that my group got cost $8,999 for the XCR 800, but we needed a kit for it to go faster which cost $35.00. The second snowmobile cost $6,447 for a Firecat F7, but also needed a kit that cost $12.00 less than the first kit. The Firecat F7 needed to look like a real racer so we got a new style which cost $1,800. The last snowmobile cost $3,200 the 340 Indy Lite, but that needed a kit for $500. How much did the team spend in all?

(5) Pog Game

Marty now has 6 more pogs than Jen has. After he gives 10 pogs to Jen, how many more pogs will Jen have than Marty?

(6) Numbers

List all the natural numbers which divide 22, leaving a remainder of 4 each time.

(7) Confused

Laurie DeFou was confused when her teacher asked if (22 + 86) ÷ 234 * 92,758 + 45,124 = 92,473,578. Is this true?

(8) Murphy's Class

If Mrs. Murphy separates her class into groups of 4 students each, 1 student is left over. If she separates her class into groups of five students each, 2 students are left over. What is the smallest number of students the class could have?

(9) Ashley, Jen, and Cailin's Pet Hospital

(a) In the Animal clinic, Jeff paid Ashley $4,946 to heal his dog. 35% of that price was Ashley's profit.

(b) Jen vave Andy's horse a checkup, gave it shots, and gave it a lung transplant, which, in total, cost $9,776. Jen got 23% as her profit from that amount.

(c) Finally, Cailin gave Jared's cat a cast, a checkup, and a flea medication for $4,932. Cailin's profit from that amount was 30%.

(d) How much were the best friends' profits altogether?

(10) Speed, Time, and Distance

If a train could average 148 km per hour on a long railroad in Australia which is 592 kilometers in length, how long would it take to cover this distance??


(1) Corinne, age 12, grade 7, Venture School, Miss Chapman's class, Alpine, California, U.S., May 24, 2002
(2) Danny, age 11, grade 7, Mathew Flinders Anglican College, Mr. Brent Timms's class, Buderim, Queensland, Australia, May 25, 2002
(3) and (9) Cailin, age 11, grade 5, Central Tree Middle School, Mrs. B's class, Rutland, Massachusetts, U.S., June 1, 2002
(4) Nate G., age 11, grade 5, Central Tree Middle School, Mrs. B's class, Rutland, Massachusetts, U.S., June 1, 2002
(5) - (8) Kayla, age 10, grade 4, Dogwood Hill School, Miss Feeney's class, Oakland, New Jersey, U.S., June 6 and 19, 2002
(10) Zeehan, age 10, grade 5, Falgarwood Primary School, Mrs. Novakovic's class, Oakville, Ontario, Canada, July 8, 2002

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