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(1) Money

Fred had $5.00. He bought two candy bars for $.75 each. How much money does he have left?

(2) Football Cards

Five boys had 90 cards in all. Nick had 5 cards, Zach had 10 cards, Josh had 15 cards, and Randall had 20 cards. How many does Dustin have?

(3) People

There were 200 people. 90 people left. 20 came back. How many feet are there?

(4) Couch Potato

There were two kids sitting on the couch watching TV. Every five minutes one would get up to get five pieces of food. If they do this 9 times how many pieces of food would they get?

(5) Annoying Snobs

There were 13 snobs that I wished would disappear. They all annoyed me. They each had 3 annoying people who followed them around. How many annoying followers in all are following the snobs?

(6) Candy on Halloween

I went trick or treating On Halloween night. I got 296 pieces of candy. Half of them were Twizzlers. One quarter were Hershey Kisses. The other quarter was all different candy. How many pieces of Hershey Kisses are there?

(7) Candy on Halloween

I went trick-or-treating at Halloween. The first house had a tub full of 1,000 candies. I took half of the candy at one house. How many candies did I take at the first house?

(8) What Am I?

I am a parallelogram. I have no right angles. I have 4 sides. All sides are the same length.

(9) What Am I?

I am not a parallelogram. I have 1 pair of parallel lines. I'm not a trapezoid. I have 5 sides. What am I?

(10) Spooky Math

I went to a grave yard. I saw 100 graves. Each person that was dead had 2 legs. How many legs were there?


(1) Robyn and (2) Zach, age 11, grade 6, Taylor Middle School, Miss Clark's class, Kokomo, Indiana, U.S., October 18, 2002
(3) Felina, age 11, grade 6, Holy Redeemer School, Ms. Firl's class, Detroit, Michigan, U.S., October 24, 2002
(4) Nick, age 9; (5) and (6) Chris, age 10; and (7) Cara, age 10; all grade 4, Kings Highway School, Ms. Sappington's class, Westport, Connecticut, U.S., October 25, 2002
(8) and (9) Lucy, and (10) D.J., age 9, grade 4, Kings Highway School, Ms. Cadden's class, Westport, Connecticut, U.S., October 25, 2002

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