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(1) Steps

Beth climbed a building that was 5,000 steps tall. She climbed it three times up and down. How many steps did Beth climb?

by Hannah, age 10, grade 4
Great Place to Learn
Miss Baillargeon's class
Swansea, Massachusetts, U.S.
May 15, 2002
(2) Kittens

I have 600 kittens. My mom got me three more. My dad brought home 8 kittens. I found six kittens. I have 18 kittens coming to my door. I lost 4 kittens, and I got 12 more for my birthday. My friend gave me 45, and I found 17 in an abandoned building. How many kittens do I have in all?

by Fiona, age 10, grade 4
Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.
May 18, 2002
(3) Trees

There are 240 bamboo trees. 4 hungry Giant Pandas want some food. How many bamboo trees can each panda eat?

by Michael and Kyle, ages 8 and 7, grade 2
Martin Elementary School
Miss Baillargeon's class
Seekonk, Massachusetts, U.S.
May 22, 2002
(4) Feijoas

I had 15 feijoas (fruits). Each had 3 ml of juice in it. How much juice do I have?

by Sarah, age 13, grade 9
Corran School
Ms. Channey's class
Auckland, New Zealand
May 24, 2002
(5) Kittens

There were three mommy cats. Each had seven kittens. Then two kittens from each family were given away. How many kittens are left?

by Justine P., age 11, grade 6
Liberty Middle School
May 31, 2002
(6) Kitten Mill

I own a kitty mill and I have 75 kitty houses. Each house holds 20 kittens. If they are all full, how many kittens are in the kitty mill?

by Justine P., age 11, grade 6
Liberty Middle School
June 2, 2002
(7) The Racing Car

A racing car has a top speed of 146 miles per hour. Suppose it maintans the speed for 3 hours. How many miles would it travel during that period?

by Kortney, age 13, grade 8
Potosi Middle School
Mr. Shicker's class
Potosi, Wisconsin, U.S.
June 11, 2002
(8) 17-Story Building

There are 17 stories in the building, and I only have to take five steps to climb from one story to the next. If I have to reach the 17th story, how many steps do I have to take?

by Kaily, age 9, grade 3
Grove Elementary School
Paula Schornick's class
Shawnee, Oklahoma, U.S.
June 17, 2002
(9) Fish All Around

If I have 72 fish and 12 hungry cats to share them, how many fish can each cat eat?

by Marianna, age 9, grade 5
Del Mar Pines School
Mrs. Rage's class
Encinatas, California, U.S.
July 14, 2002
(10) Apples

My 5 friends and I have gotten back from a baseball game. We want a snack. I have 20 apples. How many apples do we get each?

by Maryellen, age 12, grade 6
Thomase E. Weightman Middle School
Mrs. Collin's class
Weasly Chapel, Florida, U.S.
July 17, 2002

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