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(1) Candy Canes

There were 3 red, 1 green, and 4 yellow candy canes. Each candy cane had 8 stripes. How many stripes in all?

(2) Evergreen Trees

There was an evergreen tree farm. There were 72 trees to start with. 8 times more trees were brought in. Then 17 trees were bought. How many trees are left?

(3) Math Trouble

There are 900,000,000,000 cats in my neighborhood. If you take away ten, what do you get?

(4) Two Tall Boys

There are two boys, Chris and Mike. Mike is five feet tall. Chris is six feet and five inches. How much taller is Chris than Mike?

(5) Christmas Lights

Sara has 6 trees in her backyard. It taks 20 lights to cover half a tree. She wants to cover all but 2 trees. How many lights does she need?

(6) Lots of Presents

There were 21 presents for Isabelle, 68 presents for Bob, and 54 presents for Mom under the tree. If 143 presents were opened, how many weren't opened?

(7) Christmas

Amy had 68 presents and 32 more ornaments than presents. Her sister had 54 presents and 23 fewer ornaments than presents. How many Christmas things did they have???

(8) Grade Average

Kit got a 90%, 103% (she got extra credit), 78%, and a 10%. What is her grade average???

(9) Time Riddle

What is it that occurs once a second, once in a month, once in a century yet not all in a year or week?

(10) Eat at Joe's

There was a restaurant called Joe's. One night there were 31 couples. So they ate and 11 couples walked out. How many PEOPLE are left?


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(10) Bethany, age 11, grade 5, Jenks West School, Mrs. Skagg's class, Jenks, Oklahoma, U.S., December 30, 2002

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