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(1) Tigers

There were 10,000,000 tigers in the jungle and 1,000 were taken to live in captivity. How many were left?

(2) Zoo

I go to the zoo with my dad and mum. 1 child ticket costs $10 and 1 parent ticket costs $24. How much do our 3 tickets cost?

(3) How Many Cats?

If there were 556 cats and I gained 5 times as many how many cats would I have now?

(4) Dogs

There were 120 dogs with missing teeth, legs, or eyes. 30 had no teeth, and 40 had no legs. How many dogs had no eyes?

(5) Scrambled Stripes

There were 11 tiger cubs in the zoo. The zookeeper had to know how may stripes were on the tigers altogether. Each cub had 20 stripes. How many stripes were there in all?

(6) Ornaments

There were 20 red ornaments, 20 green ornaments, and 20 gold ornaments. How many ornaments were there in all?

(7) Candy Canes

There were 82 delicious looking candy canes finished in the factory on the first day. The second day 4 times more were finished. How many candy canes were made in all?

(8) Toys

60 PlayStations were made on Tuesday. On Wednesday 2 times more were made. How many PlayStations were made all together?

(9) Cookies

There are 20 cookies shaped as Santa. 5 times more Santa cookies came in the mail. How many cookies are there now?

(10) Toys

John had 40 toys for Christmas Eve. On Christmas Day he got 5 times more. How many toys did he get on Christmas Day?


(1) Chelsea, age 10, grade 4, Hatherly School, Mrs. McGrath's class, Scituate, Massachusetts, U.S., December 4, 2002
(2) no name, age 11, grade 5, Glen Waverley Primary School, Mrs. Tomecek's class, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, December 5, 2002
(3) no name, December 7, 2002
(4) Katy, age 10, grade 5, Edgewater Public School, Mrs. Casella's class, Edgewater, Florida, U.S., November 29, 2002
(5) Sarah, age 8, grade 3, Mt. Pleasant Elementary School, Mrs. DeJohn's class, Newark, Delaware, U.S., December 9, 2002
(6) and (7) Jacob R.; (8) - (10) John; age 10, grade 4, Manteno Elementary School, Ms. Weddell's class, Manteno, Illinois, U.S., December 16, 2002

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