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(1) Snacks

If there are 200 snacks and there are 20 kids how many snacks does each kid get?

(2) My 40 Cats

Mom's cats have kittens and all together they equal 40. 5 kittens only had 3 legs. 6 kittens had 2 tails. 4 kittens had 1 ear. How many are normal?

(3) Cats and Dogs

There are 10 dogs and 3 cats. 4 dogs ran away and 1 cat ran away. 1 dog came back. How many dogs and cats are there all together?

(4) How Much Money?

Jonathan had 100 dollars. Brian had _____ dollars. Chcristopher had 150 dollars, and Sammy had 200 dollars. They had 750 dollars in all. How much money did Brian have?

(5) Money Trouble

Kassy has trouble subtracting. She has $20. She buys 2 pizza pies for her friends. Each pie costs $7.25 each. Can we help Kassy find out how much she gets back?

(6) 3, 3, 15

Jenny has 3 kittens, and her friend has 15 cats. If her friend's cats have 3 kittens each, how many cats and kittens do they have all together?

(7) Eggs

Ruben had 3 cartons of eggs. Each carton had 12 eggs. How many eggs did he have all together?

(8) The Class

There were 20 kids in class. Ten kids came in, two kids left, 3 students and one teacher came in the class. How many kids are in class now?

(9) The Party

Stephanie had a party. She invited 69 people, but 5 times as many people as she invited came. How many people came?

(10) The Bowling Alley

Jennifer had $30.00. She went to the Bowling Alley. She spent $5.55 on candy and $3.50 on a large soda and chips. How much money did she spend?


(1) Angel, age 10, grade 5, Osage City Elementary School, Mr. Gonsalez's class, Osage City, Kansas, U.S., November 20, 2002
(2) Enid D., (3) Jordan, (4) Eduard, (5) Jamel (JE), age 11; (6) Dariangy, (7) Christopher, (8) Isamar, age 12; all in grade 6, S. E. Shull School, Ms. Sabine and Mrs. Vaughan's class, Perth Amboy, New Jersey, U.S., November 22, 2002
(9) Dariela, age 12 and (10) Katherine, age 11, both in grade 6, S. E. Shull School, Ms. Daly and Mrs. Vaughan's class, Perth Amboy, New Jersey, U.S., November 22, 2002

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