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(1) Four Dogs and One Cat
I have 4 dogs and 1 cat. 2 of my dogs like my cat. How many of my dogs don't like my cat?
(2) Messy Cats
Ten cats are clean. Four cats ran through the mud. How many cats are messy?
(3) The Chase
There were 7 cats. A dog chased 1 cat away. How many cats are left?
(4) Golf Problem
I threw 8 balls. 6 were out of the putting green. How many balls do I have left on the green?
(5) Party Dogs
Five dogs were at a party. One left. Then two more dogs came. How many dogs are at the party now?
(6) Puppies
Andrea has five puppies. Her friend Tatiana gave her five more puppies. How many puppies does she have now?
(7) Zac Man
There are 8 boys sitting on a fence. 4 left. How many boy sare still on the fence?
(8) Test
I have been taking a test for one hour. The test is 2 hours long. How long have I been taking the test?????????????
(9) The Newspaper
There are 14 newpapers. 6 have just been bought. How many newspapers have been bought?
(10) Animals
I have 8 animals and two of them ran away. How many animals are left?

(1) Allison, age 7, grade 2, homeschooled, Saline, Michigan, U.S., August 28, 2002
(2) Kylie, age 10, grade 4, Mrs. L's class, Ohio, U.S., August 30, 2002
(3) Cameron, age 7, grade 1, Guildford West Primary School, Miss Mifsud's class, Sydney, Australia, September 5, 2002
(4) no name, age 8, grade 3, Colegio Nueva Granada, Mr. Steve's class, Bogota, Colombia, September 5, 2002
(5) Ryan, age 11, grade 6, Torrington Middle School, Mrs. Dzialo's class, Torrington, Connecticut, U.S., September 22, 2002
(6) Claudia, age 9, grade 5, St. Santomas More School, Ms. Johns' class, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, September 27, 2002
(7) Zachary, age 7, grade 2, Lomie Heard School, Mrs. Bush's class, Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S., October 1, 2002
(8) Katie, October 2, 2002
(9) Justine, age 9, grade 3, Sierra Vista Elementary School, Miss Knuth's class, Pueblo West, October 6, 2002
(10) Nancy, age 8, grade 3, Maquatua Eeyou School, Jessi White's class, Wemindji, PQ, October 7, 2002

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