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(1) Missing Cookies

The cookies, they're gone. I had 15 cookies and 9 went missing. How many are left?

by Amanda, age 11, grade 5
Tahmoor Public School
Mrs. Savdge's class
Tahmoor NSW, Australia
June 27, 2002
(2) Classes

I have 4 classes before lunch and 4 afterwards. how many classes do I have in all?

by Lacy, age 6, grade 1
Manhattan Elementary School
Mrs. K's class
Manhattan, Montana, U.S.
June 28, 2002
(3) Christmas Cards

Boronia had 6 Christmas cards and I had 8. How many did we have altogether?

by Hanna, age 6, grade 1
St. Mary's Primary School
Mrs. Ryan's class
Rushworth, Victoria, Australia
July 4, 2002
(4) Animals

There were two cats. Three dogs came along, and five birds joined them. 6 cows joined up with them. How many animals are there in all?

by Nicole, age 7, grade 2
McKinley School
Carol Podwel's class
Kokomo, Indiana, U.S.
July 6, 2002
(5) The Bad Wild Cats

Once upon a star there were 10 wild cats in a pack - 2 parents and 8 cubs. One day while the mother was trying to teach her cubs how to hunt, 4 of them wandered away from their mother. How many cubs did she have left?

by Hazel J., age 12, grade 6
Driftwood Middle School
Ms. Taddonio's class
Hollywood, Florida, U.S.
July 2, 2002
(6) Missing!

I had 12 books. Now I have 3. How many are missing?

by Karen, age 9, grade 4
home schooled
Jean Marzolf
Woodbridge, Virginia, U.S.
July 6, 2002
(7) Piglet

There are 4 piglets, 2 piglets have curly tails and one has a straight tail. How many have no tail at all?

by Rebekah, age 9, grade 3
Einstein School
Mrs. Killian's class
Sunbury, Pennsylvania, U.S.
July 10, 2002
(8) 10 Cats

There are 10 cats walking around the house. 6 cats sit down. How many cats are left standing?

by Tori, age 10, grade 5
Manteo Elementary School
Mr. Whitt's class
Manteo, North Carolina, U.S.
July 10, 2002
(9) 6 Hens

There are 6 hens. 4 wandered away. How many hens are there now?

by Nur F. B. R., age 8, grade 2
Pioneer Primary School
Madam Fathlon's class
Jurong West, Singapore
July 15, 2002
(10) States

I went to seven states so far. Then I went to two more. How many states have I been to?

by Hannah, age 7, grade 1
Laura B. Sprague Elementary School
Mr. Elbert's class
Lincolnshire, Illinois, U.S.
July 15, 2002

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