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(1) Rebecca's Dog Friends
Rebecca had 10 dog friends. She only counted 5. How many dogs did she not count?
(2) Toys
I have 5 toys. I get 6 more. How many toys do I have now?
(3) Lions
Once there were a few lions. Four more joined them. Now there are 11 lions. How many lions were there before they were joined?
(4) Ten Totally Silly Clowns
Once there were ten silly clowns. Eight got fired for messing up their act! How many clowns still have their job?
(5) Unsharpened Pencils
I have 17 unsharpened pencils but then I sharpen 9. Now, how many unsharpened pencils do I have?
(6) Lost Kittens
Eight kittens were lost. Three found a home. How many are still lost?
(7) My Cousins
Four cousins jump on the trampoline. Two cousins play a game. How many cousins are playing?
(8) Lobsters
There are seven lobsters. 2 swim away. How many are left?
(9) Fish and Crabs
There are two fish and 3 crabs. How many in all?
(10) 12 Little Monkeys
There were 12 monkeys in the tree and 5 fell down. How many are there left?

(1) and (2) Tariq D., age 8, grade 2, Hambrick School, Ms. Watkins' class, Stone Mountain, June 10, 2002
(3) Mary, age 9, grade 4, Edu-Prize School, Mrs. U's class, Gilbert, Arizona, U.S., June 11, 2002
(4) Benoit, age 7, grade 1, George R. Martin Elementary, Mrs. Baillargeon's class, Seekonk, Massachusetts, U.S., June 11, 2002
(5) Kaily, age 9, grade 3, Grove Elementary School, Paula Schornick's class, Shawnee, Oklahoma, U.S., June 17, 2002
(6) Kayla, age 8, grade 3
Mittlestadt Elementary School
Spring, Texas, U.S.
June 18, 2002
(7) - (9) Lakrysten, Roy, and Jakhory: all are age 7, grade 2, at J. S. Pate Elementary School, Mrs. Alice James's class, Cordele, Georgia, U.S., June 20, 2002
(10) Aj, age 11, grade 5
Tahmoor Public School
Mrs. Savdge's class
Tahmoor NSW, Australia
June 27, 2002

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