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(1) Ten Dogs
I have ten dogs. 5 ran away. How many are left?
(2) Apples and Bananas
There was a boy who had seven bananas and another boy who had two apples. How many apples and bananas did they have altogether?
(3) Paloo
I had 3 balls. I lost 2. How many are left?
(4) Pancakes
Mom is making pancakes! Dan gets three, Sally gets two, and Mike gets four. How many pancakes did Mom make for them?
(5) Help
Help! I am in a pickle. I like 4 kinds of sandwiches. I had one kind yesterday. How many other choices do I have left?
(6) Kittens
I have 5 kittens. Two kittens ran away, and 1 came back. How many kittens are there?
(7) The Cats in the Hat
There were 10 cats in a hat. Two cats were not in the hat, and went into the bathroom. Four cats from the hat went into the kitchen to eat. How many cats are in the hat?
(8) Snoopy Dogs
I have one snoopy dog. My mum gives me 5 more. How mamy snoopy dogs do I have now?
(9) Garden Snails
4 snails came to my garden. 1 snail was red. The rest were yellow. How many were yellow?
(10) The Pool
My friend Evan and I were swimming in my pool one day. We decided to have some more friends over to play. 5 more friends showed up to play. Then 2 had to go home. How many were left in the pool?

(1) Jasmine, age 13, grade 10, HCC School, Janet Answorth's class, Christchurch, New Zealand
May 23, 2002
(2) Sarah, age 13, grade 9, Corran School, Ms. Channey's class, Auckland, New Zealand, May 24, 2002
(3) Chinar, age 8, grade 4, OOEHS, Hema's class, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, May 30, 2002
(4) Michelle, age 7, grade 1, Maplewood PCEP, Mrs. Shadduck's class, Edmond, Washington, U.S., May 30, 2002
(5) Jenny O., age 11, grade 5, Goodwood School, Uxbridge, Canada, May 31, 2002
(6) Justine P., age 11, grade 6, Liberty Middle School, June 1, 2002
(7) Nancy, age 12, grade 6, Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S., June 1, 2002
(8) TCJ, age 10, grade 5, Yang Zheng Primary School, Miss Chai's class, Seragoon, Singapore, June 7, 2002
(9) Cui Jie, age 10, grade 5, Yang Zheng Primary School, Miss Chai's class, Seragoon, Singapore, June 7, 2002
(10) Cody, age 9, grade 3, Ekron Elementary School, Mrs. Hewlett's class, Guston, Kentucky, U.S., June 8, 2002

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