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(1) Dog Problem
I have 5 dogs. I get 20 more. How many dogs do I have now?
(2) Lots of Cats
I had 79 cats to look after, and then 43 got owners. How many cats do I still have to look after?
(3) Yummy Pizza
I ate ten pieces of meat lovers' pizza. I ate 9 pieces of cheese pizza. How many pieces did I eat?
(4) Coconut Tree
There were 12 coconuts in a tree but 9 more grew. How many are there now?
(5) The Teachers
There were 80 teachers in the school and 30 either got fired or quit. How many teachers are there left?????
(6) Six Best Friends
Once I had 6 best friends, but they all were not that nice to me, so I told 3 that they were not my BEST friends any more. Then one day I had to let 2 more go because they were not friends any more: they said I had to pick one of them or none of them, so I let them both go. How many best friends do I have NOW?
(7) Birds in a Tree
An oak tree had sixteen birds in it. Our cat came along and chased two birds away. Three birds flew back to the same tree. How many birds are in the tree now?
(8) Kitty
I have 20 cats and 10 kittens. How many do I have in all?
(9) Horses
There were 22 horses and 12 had to go for a ride at the park. How many are left?
(10) Motorbikes
There were 33 motorbikes and 14 broke down. Hhow many are still working?

(1) Tariq D., age 8, grade 2, Hambrick School, Ms. Watkins' class, Stone Mountain, June 10, 2002
(2) Alaska, age 11, grade 7, Rockdale Park School, Lloyd Bryant's class, Invercargill, New Zealand, June 11, 2002
(3) Jay, age 7, grade 2, J.S. Pate Elementary School, Mrs. Alice James's class, Cordele, Georgia, U.S., June 20, 2002
(4) Kaily, age 9, grade 3, Grove Elementary School, Paula Schornick's class, Shawnee, Oklahoma, U.S., June 17, 2002
(5) Kristen, age 11, grade 6, Shermean Middle School, Mr. Johnson's class, Holly, Michigan, U.S., June 18, 2002
(6) Tiana, age 12, grade 6, William Dandy Middle School, Ms. Archer's class, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, U.S., June 20, 2002
(7) Devyn, age 11, grade 5, South Fork Elementary School, Mrs. Petit's class, West Plains, Missouri, U.S., June 21, 2002
(8) Nicole, age 7, grade 2, South Side School, Mrs. Lambie or Mrs. Bovard's class, S. Connellsville, Pennsylvania, U.S., June 26, 2002
(9) Luke and (10) Bryce, age 10, grade 5, Tahmoor Public School, Mrs. Lazuras's class, Tahmoor NSW, Australia, June 27, 2002

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