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(1) Math Magician

The math magician has 12 tricks. She needs to have 20 tricks for her show. How many more tricks does she need?

by Alyssa, age 8, grade 3
St. Joseph School
Mrs. McNelly's class
Downingtown, Pennsylvannia, U.S.
May 20, 2002
(2) Bugs

Thare are 18 bugs in a tree. 9 more bugs come. Then a scorpion comes and eats 10 of them. 6 bugs come and kill the scorpion. How many bugs are left in the tree?

by Nick, age 7, grade 1
Martin Elementary School
Miss Baillargeon's class
Seekonk, Massachusetts, U.S.
May 21, 2002
(3) Cupcakes

Allison had 100 cupcakes. She ate 78. How many cupcakes are left?

by Kandi, age 7, grade 1
Idaho Falls, Idaho, U.S.
May 21, 2002
(4) Sisters

I have 2 sisters. Mom had 100 more. How many sisters do I have?

by Kandi, age 7, grade 1
Idaho Falls, Idaho, U.S.
May 28, 2002
(5) Grandma's Cookies

Grandma baked 14 cookies for my friend and me. We ate 10 cookies. Grandma baked nine more. How many cookies are there now?

by Lindsey, age 9, grade 3
Leonard Shanklin Elementary School
Mrs. Martinez's class
Kingsbury, Texas, U.S.
May 26, 2002
(6) 14 Cats

There were 14 cats. 3 ran away, then 1 more came. How meny cats are there now?

by Andrea, age 10, grade 4
Allen R. D.
Mrs. Doniti's class
June 2, 2002
(7) Cats

I had 10 cats. I got 12 more. How many do I have now?

by Bryce, age 10, grade 4
Longview School
Ms. Shanks' class
Midland, Michigan, U.S.
June 4, 2002
(8) Ducks

There are 20 ducks at a pond. 12 of them fly away. Then 45 come. How many ducks are there now?

by Kelsey, age 10, grade 5
June 5, 2002
(9) Getting to School

There are 18 kids in the class. Ten were late to school. How many came on time?

by Amy, age 6, Kindergarten
Mann School
Mrs. Deia's class
Oak Park, Illinois, U.S.
June 5, 2002
(10) Dogs

There are 15 dogs. The girl bought 15 more dogs. Then, 12 dogs ran away. How many are left?

by Chelsea, age 9, grade 4
Grogan Elementary School
Mr. Porter's class
Southgate, Michigan, U.S.
June 7, 2002

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