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House Cat #11

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(1) Horses and Kittens

There are 11 horses and 12 kittens. How many are there all together?

by Jennifer, age 9, grade 4
North Harlem Elementary School
Mrs. Curtis's class
Harlem, Georgia, U.S.
October 9, 2002
(2) Cats

Brittany's cat just had 21 kittens. She gave 6 away. How many does she have left?

by Tiffany, age 8, grade 3
Floral City School
Miss Nichols' class
Invress, Florida, U.S.
October 9, 2002
(3) Do My Homework

One day Elisa had a lot of homework. She didn't want to do any of the work. Her friend Sanita said, "I can do 4 of your homeworks."
"Okay," said Elisa.
Sanita did 4 of them, and Elisa did 6 of them... and she forgot 3 of them. How many homeworks did she have?

by Lesi, age 12, grade 7
Enke School
Nuriye's class
Istanbul, Turkey
October 9, 2002
(4) Cats and Kittens

There were 19 cats and kittens. 12 were kittens. How many were cats?

by Noel, age 7, grade 3
Brightpath Education Center
Alisa Raley's class
Jefferson, South Carolina, U.S.
October 9, 2002
(5) How Many Kittens

I bought 10 kittens. My friend gave me more kittens for my birthday. Now I have 35 kittens. How many kittens did my friend give me?

by Monika K., age 9, grade 4
Catholic Community School
Ms. Patricia Lewis's class
Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.
October 9, 2002
(6) Dogs in the Muddy House

One day there was a dog named Sandy. She was in a muddy house. She was muddy. The five other dogs in the house were clean. They said, "Sandy, do you want to take a bath?" Sandy said, "Of course not!" But finally she agreed. Now, how many dogs are clean?

by Peyton and Amber, age 9, grade 4
North Harlem Elementary School
Mrs. Curtis's class
Harlem, Georgia, U.S.
October 9, 2002
(7) Magic Cats

Tara had 24 cats. 10 got away. How many are left?

by Alexandra, age 8, grade 2
Penguin Primary School
Donna Harris's class
Penguin, TAS, Australia
October 9, 2002
(8) 50 Dogs

I had 50 dogs and 25 ran away. How many are left?

by Sam, age 7, grade 1
Penguin Primary School
Angala's class
Penguin, TAS, Australia
October 11, 2002
(9) Skaters

200 skaters were skating. 12 went home. How many were left?

by Alex, age 8, grade 3
Barbara Bush School
Ms. Cavanaugh's class
The Woodlands, Texas, U.S.
October 10, 2002
(10) Cars

I saw 45 cars in a parking lot. 31 left. How many cars are left?

by Margruite, age 8, grade 3
Jane Farney Elementary School
Mrs. Larsen's class
Cypress, Texas, U.S.
October 11, 2002

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