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(1) 700 Sailors
700 sailors travelled on their ship. The boat stopped and 200 sailors got off. How many sailors are still on the boat?
(2) Books
Alexandra has 15 books. Randi has 12 books. How many books do Alexandra and Randi have all together?
(3) Jordon's Collection
Jordon has 10 baseballs and 8 jerseys. Two friends came over. He gave 1 jersey to Michael and 2 baseballs to Matthew. How many baseballs does he have left?
(4) A Story About Birds
Mary has 18 blue jays and 15 parritos. How many birds does she have in all?
(5) Traveling to School
There are 12 bus riders and 9 car riders, plus 5 walkers. How many kids are there in all?
(6) Kids at School
There were 24 kids in one class room and 34 in another room. How many kids in all?
(7) The Cookie Jar
Matt has 28 cookies and he gave 5 cookies to his friend. How many cookies does he have?
(8) The Bus
There are 40 people on the school bus. Eight more people got on. How many people are on the bus now?
(9) Marbles
Brittany has 6 marbles and I have 12 marbles. If I get another package with 6 in it how many would we have in all?
(10) Basketball
There are twenty-seven basketballs in the yard. Tia took four out of the yard. How many basketballs are left?

(1) Natalina, age 10, grade 4, St. Patrick's School, Mrs. Hermen's class, Blacktown NSW, Australia
October 1, 2002
(2) Randi, age 10, grade 5, Salyers Elementary School, Mrs. Hester's class, Spring, Texas, 2002, October 4, 2002
(3) Jonathan and (4) Shanice, age 10; (5) Chernita and (6) Haley, age 9; (7) Curtis D., age 10; (8) Christy V. and (9) Matthew, age 9; (10) Tia Rosa, age 10; all in grade 4, North Harlem Elementary School, Mrs. Curtis's class, Harlem, Georgia, October 3 - 9, 2002

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