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(1) 3 Way Problem
There were 20 skiers on the hill talking to each other. 5 went down the hill. Then 6 more went down. How many skiers are left?
(2) Making Change
If I had $1.00 and I spent 99 cents, how much would I have left?
(3) Pencils
Tary collects pencils. He has 24 pencils now. He found 12 pencils. His friends came over. He gave his friends 4 pencils. How many does he have left?
(4) The Baseballs
Nicholas has 33 baseballs. James gave him 20 more. Then Nicholas gave 12 to Ben today. How many does Nicholas have in all?
(5) The Tour on the Ship
A boy named Jason went on a tour to Africa on a ship with his four friends and his mom. They went to see a movie on the ship. It costs $2 for kids under 15 years old and $5 for people 15 years old and older. If Jason, his mom, and his 4 friends went to see the movie, how much money would it cost all together? (Jason and his friends are 13.)
(6) Too Many Girls
There are 27 girls in Silverado but 3 of them left and 29 more came. How many girls are there total?
(7) Hit Six
There were six puppies. 5 had 2 eyes and 1 had one eye. How many eyes in all?
(8) On a Branch
There are 150 birds on a branch. 50 flew away. 32 came back. How mny are there now?
(9) Cats in the Hall
There are 1,000 cats in the hall. If 3 cats went to the store and a hundred more cats came, how many would be in the hall?
(10) Fishy Math
Alexandra had 500 fish. 54 swam away. How many left?

(1) Michael, age 8, grade 3, Mittelstadt, Mrs. Cooper's class, Spring, Texas, August 21, 2002
(2) Katie, age 9, grade 4, Edison Elementary School, Ohio, U.S., August 30, 2002
(3) Sabrina, age 9, (4) Nicholas, age 9, and (5) Whitney, age 10, all grade 4, North Harlem Elementary School, Mrs. Curtis's class, Harlem, Georgia, U.S., October 3, 2002
(6) D.J., age 12, grade 6, Mt. George School, Mrs. Martin's class, Napa, California, U.S., October 4, 2002
(7) Alisabeth, age 10, grade 5, Orchard Hills School, Mr. Simler's class, October 7, 2002
(8) Tommy, age 10, grade 5, John F. Ryan School, Mrs. Johnson's class, Tewksbury, Massachusetts, U.S., October 9, 2002
(9) Willie, age 12, grade 7, North Junior High School, Ms. Faswan's class, Earlie, Texas, U.S., October 9, 2002
(10) Tara, age 8, grade 2, Penguin Primary School, Donna Harris's class, Penguin, TAS, Australia, October 9, 2002

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