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(1) Going to School

If it takes Joanie 5 minutes to walk to school and 5 minutes to walk home from school, at the end of the school week, how much time has she spent walking to and from school?

by Mrs. A
Ohio, U.S.
August 30, 2002
(2) Animal Fun

One day I was sitting in my bedroom and I saw two birds. Two ran away and one came back. Then four dogs came and ate them. A cat came and the dogs chased them. Then an alligator came and ate me. How many animals in total did I see?

by Greg, age 18, grade 12
American Heritage School, Mrs. Coyne's class
Boca Raton, Florida, U.S.
September 2, 2002
(3) Lolly

There were 278,913 lollies, but 13,456 lollies got stolen. How many were left?

by Stephanie, age 12, grade 7
Blenheim School
Mrs. Bowker's class
Epsom, Surrey, England
September 3, 2002
(4) Zoo Venture

There were 20 tigers at the zoo. 8 tigers were taken away. The zoo receved 13 more tigers. How many tigers are there now?

by Nick, Marcie, and Meghan, age 9, grade 4
Westmoor School
Mrs. Doll's class
Scottsbluff, Nebraska, U.S.
September 9, 2002
(5) Alley Cats

I was walking home from school one day and I took a short cut through the alley and I saw 58 cats. They were golden-brown, white and black. 10 were golden-brown, and 15 were black. How many were white?

by Alexis, age 10, grade 5
Quail Run Elementary School
Mrs. Rendahl's class
Tucson, Arizona, U.S.
September 14, 2002
(6) The Mouse

I am a mouse. I used to weigh 16 ounces, the same as one pound. I was running from a cat and lost 8 ounces. I need to know how much do I weigh (in ounces) and in fractional parts.

by Sykera B., age 8, grade 2
Center Elementary School
Myrtis McClelland's class
Center, Texas, U.S.
September 16, 2002
(7) Solve It!

There are 6 cats who formed 3 teams.... How many were in each team?

by Linda, age 10, grade 6
Franklin School
M. Rigmaiden's class
Modesto, California, U.S.
September 20, 2002
(8) Dogs

There are 5 dogs. One dog has 8 puppies. 3 of them die. Then they sold 4 of them. Then get 16 more that people don't want. How many dogs are there now in all?

by Katie, age 10, grade 5
Relay Elementary School
Mrs. Davis's class
Arbutus, Maryland, U.S.
September 22, 2002
(9) Cats

I have 49 cats and 47 more cats and 13 got away. How many got away?

by no name, age 8, grade 3
Nation Ford School
M. Baker's class
Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S.
October 1, 2002
(10) A Lot of Books

There are 80 Books in my house and I gave away 2. My friend gave me 24 more books. How many books do I have?

by Brittany, age 9, grade 4
North Harlem Elementary School
Mrs. Curtis's class
Harlem, Georgia, U.S.
October 3, 2002

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