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Alley Cat #6

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(1) Money
I have $500.50. I spend $200.20. You spend $50 more of it. How much money do I have now?
(2) Babies and Cat Tails
There were 5 red cats and 3 calico cats. If a baby pulls half the cats' tails, how many cat tails does the baby pull?
(3) Cats and Kittens
I have 10 cats and 19 kittens. 2 dogs chase 5 kittens away. 3 come back. How many kittens have I lost?
(4) Capacity
If you have 4 cups in 1 quart, how many cups in 10 quarts?
(5) I'm Home
One day Catherine was walking home from school. It usually takes her 10 minutes to walk home but she went to her friend's house which is 5 minutes from school. She stayed there for 30 minutes. Then she went home. How many minutes did it take her to get home? (Hint: Her friend's house is on the way to her house.)
(6) 99 Marbles
I have 99 marbles. I give 26 to Reece and I win 89, but I lose 33. How many do I have now?
(7) 1099 Peas
I have 1099 peas, 57 fall of my plate. How many left? left?
(8) Kennel
57 Dogs are in a kennel, 10 were sold. they got 37 new dogs. 4 ran away, how many are left?
(9) Fish
There are 199 fish. 42 fish are too small. How many are not too small?
(10) Tall Krystal
If Krystal grows five inches every month how much will she grow in five months?

(1) Dylan, age 9, grade 4, Throop Elementary School, Mrs. Livingston's class, Paoli, Indiana, U.S., July 16, 2002
(2) Alice, age 30, July 23, 2002
(3) Kirigen, age 10 and (4) Stephanie, age 9, both in grade 3 at Parklands College, Mrs. Severin's class, Cape Town, South Africa, August 1, 2002
(5) Jessica, age 10, grade 5, Montebello Elementary School, Mr. Heaton's class, Cupertino, California, U.S., August 5, 2002
(6) and (7) Benjy, (8) Fabio, and (9) Matthew, all age 9, grade 3, Parklands College, Miss Murphy's class, Cape Town, South Africa, August 15, 2002
(10) Kasey E., August 30, 2002

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