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(1) Ducks

Ducks are swimming in a pond. There are 45 ducks. 12 of them fly away. Then 20 more ducks come. How many ducks are there now?

by Kelsey, age 10, grade 4
Grogan Elementary School
Mr. Porter's class
Southgate, Michigan, U.S.
May 29, 2002
(2) Cats

There are 10 cats. 3 times more cats come. How many are there now?

by Liz, age 11, grade 6
Harris Elementary School
Mr. Orton's class
Tooela, Utah, U.S.
June 14, 2002
(3) Classmates

There are thirteen kids in my class. Six are girls. One of them has light hair. There are seven boys. Two of them have dark hair.

How many people have light hair?

by Katie, age 11, grade 5
St. Francis Xavier School
Miss Kleinrichert's class
Grand Rapids, Michigan, U.S.
June 15, 2002
(4) Picnic

I have 8 friends. We're going to have a picnic. We're going to have pizza. Everybody wants 6 pieces. How many pieces do we need all together?

by Katy, age 7, grade 3
Chagrin Falls Intermediate School
Miss Delsanter's class
Chagrin Falls, Ohio, U.S.
June 20, 2002
(5) Monkeys on a Branch

25 monkeys were on a branch. 13 got trapped and they got transported to the zoo. How many monkeys were left at the branch?

Then 7 came back from the zoo. How many monkeys are there now?

by Casey, age 9, grade 4
Middleton Elementary School
Middleton, Idaho, U.S.
June 20, 2002
(6) Dogs in a Park

There were 151 spotted dogs at the park on Monday. There were 31 dogs on Tuesday. There were 58 dogs on Wednesday. There were 98 dogs on Thursday. There were 84 dogs on Friday and 75 dogs on Saturday. How many dogs were there in the park Monday through Friday?

by Megan, age 8, grade 3
Pioneer Elementary School
Ms. Lim's class
Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.
June 30, 2002
(7) The Gum

There was a girl that had 15 gumballs in one pocket and 12 in the other. If she had a hole in her pockets and by the time she got home there were only two balls in each pocket, how many gumballs fell out?

by Sonia, age 10, grade 4
Ludlam Elementary School
Ms. Luytjes's class
Miami, Florida, U.S.
July 7, 2002
(8) Young1 n Company

My ma bought me 2 kittens for my birthday. 1 ran away, so my dadda bought me 2 more cats that had 6 babies apiece. 2 passed away, so I bought myself 3 more, and I had to sell one. How many cats do I own?

by Shateeka, age 12, grade 7
Park Place Community Middle School
Mr. Parlat's class
Brooklyn, New York, U.S.
July 10, 2002
(9) Girls and Sweets

There are 12 sweets. There are 6 girls. If they share them equally, each girl gets how many?

by Nur F. B. R., age 8, grade 2
Pioneer Primary School
Madam Fathlon's class
Jurong West, Singapore
July 15, 2002
(10) Math Cats Money Problem

I go to the Fair with $5.00. I buy a candy bar for $1.25. I play a game for $2.50. Now I'm hot. Do I have enough money to buy an ice cream cone for $2.75?

by Dakota H., age 10, grade 4
Throop Elementary School
Mrs. Livingston's class
Paoli, Indiana, U.S.
July 16, 2002

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