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Alley Cat #3

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(1) Apples
I had 25 apples. I divided them between 5 friends. How many does each friend get?
(2) One Little Kitty
1 little kitty + 105 little kitties = 106 little kitties.
1 little kitty can do 5 times the mess.
If you have 5 little kitties: 25 times the mess.
Once there were seven little kitties. Each one ate 7 little fish. How many fish did they eat in all?
(3) 77 Jelly Beans
I love jelly beans!! My favourites are white. In my packet there were 77 jelly beans of six colors. There were 7 white, 10 black, 15 red, 6 green and 14 yellow. How many were orange??
(4) Dolls
Alexa had 9 dolls, but she lost 2. Her friend Katie gave Alexa 16 more. Then she got 6 more for her birthday. How many dolls does Alexa have now?
(5) The Wow Number of Cats
There are four cats. Three left, then eight more came. Then two left, then eight more came. What is the number of cats?
(6) The Red Ugly Cats
Once there were eight ugly cats. One more came and two left. Finally there were four cats left. How many more cats came or left before that?
(7) Hungry Rabbits
There are four rabbits and twenty carrots. How many carrots will each rabbit get?
(8) Dirty Diapers
There were 6 babies. Each baby used 5 diapers. How many dirty diapers were there?
(9) Puppy Treats
There were 9 puppies. Each puppy had 7 dog treats. How many did they have all together?
(10) Friends
I have 123 friends. 20 of them are my best friends. 54 are my good friends. How many normal friends are left over?
(11) Cats
I saw 40 paws that belonged to cats. How many cats did I see?

(1) Olivia, age 10, grade 4, Abraham Pierson School, Mr.Shaughnessy's class, Clinton, Connecticut, U.S., June 18, 2001
(2) Elise M., age 9, grade 4, Universal Academy, Doubleoak, Texas, U.S., August 4, 2001
(3) Marg, age 8, grade 4, Runcorn School, Mrs. Buddle's class, Australia, September 11, 2001
(4) Jessica, age 11, grade 6, Wanamaker Elementary School, Mrs. Devor's class, Topeka, Kansas, U.S., October 8, 2001
(5) and (6) Tiffany, age 9, grade 3, Manteno Elementary School, Mrs. Taylor's class, Manteno, Illinois, U.S., May 1, 2002
(7) Jamie, age 10, grade 4
(8) Haleigh P., age 8, grade 3
(9) Taylor, age 8, grade 3
Questions (7) - (9) were shared by students at the Talented Student Option School in Miss Schieman's classes, Wheat Ridge, Colorado, U.S., May 2, 2002
(10) Toni, age 13, grade 8, Bentley Park College, Ms. Morrison's class, Cairns, Australia, May 2, 2002
(11) Diana, age 10, grade 5, Dee Why Public School, Mr. Lee's class, Sydney, NSW, Australia, May 6, 2002

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