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This batch of math story problems comes to us from Ms. Gongora's third grade class at Northampton Elementary School in Spring, TX.

(1) Cats
I had 12 cats. Each cat had 2 eyes. How many eyes were there?
(2) Pizza
There were two whole pizzas. Half of one pizza was eaten. What fraction is left?
(3) The Cheetah Story
There were 9 cheetahs in a tree. Two came to be my pets. Four more went in the tree. Then one came to be my pet. How many are left?
(4) The Maniac Cat
Once there was a cat. He went to 10 of his friends' houses. Each friend gave him 10 toys. How many toys did he get?
(5) Snakes
 There are 20 snakes and ten people. How many snakes did each person get?
(6) The Cool Dirt Bike
Once there was Honda XR 100. It was for sale. It was $1,705. My Mom said, "Maybe son, I will think about it." I said, "Mom, I only have $400." How much more money do I need?
(7) About Me, Myself, and I
There were 3 people. One was named Me and the others were named Myself and I. Two of them left and 3 other people came and then Myself and I came back. How many people are there now?
(8) Planes
There were 12 planes in the air. Each plane had 12 passengers. How many passengers were flying that day?
(9) Easter Eggs
There are 5 eggs. Each egg has 4 chocolates inside. How many chocolates are there in all?
(10) Nine Monkeys
Nine monkeys are sitting in a tree. Later there were 5 times as many. How many are there now?

(1) Samuel, age 8
(2) Zachary, age 8
(3) Abby, age 9
(4) Erin, age 9
(5) Keaton, age 9
(6) Cruz, age 10
(7) Kendra, age 10
(8) Raiden, age 9
(9) Gracie, age 9
(10) Michael, age 8
All are students in Ms. Gongora's third grade class at Northampton Elementary School in Spring, Texas. These stories were sent to Math Cats on March 27, 2002.

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